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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Blessed Toys is a division of one2believe, an established Christian company whose goal is to provide parents a new way to introduce the Bible and its lessons to their children.
Currently, there are 7 Messengers of Faith dolls. Dolls include: Jesus, Mary, David, Moses, Esther, Peter and Paul.

These Messenger dolls recite recorded Scriptures at the push of a button. Parents and Christian educators can use these Messenger dollswith their children to introduce Bible stories, one character at a time.
The P31 dolls ~ Leah, Elisabeth and Abigail ~ have been designed to empower young girls to pursue faith-based values. Much research has been done to ensure that the dolls fashions were based on the time period in which the character lived. These dolls provide a Bible-based, Christian alternative to other secular toys on the market.
Become a Messenger of Faith today.
Join me in advertising for this company.
As moms, we want the best for our children; here is one way we can make a difference.
We have two options for joining.
Option 1 gives you everything you need to get started.
For $50.00 (+ $16.00 shipping) you receive 5 Messengers of Faith dolls, sales tools and a free website. This starter kit, which is over a $100 value,is only available when you first sign up and
ensures that you have everything you need to be successful.
Option 2 is our no cost option which provides you with a free website. Additional sales materials and dolls can be purchased separately.
Need more information? I would be happy to help you.
karla ( @ ) blessedtoys ( dot ) com

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