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Growing in Christ

Saturday, March 17, 2007

We know we are growing in our spiritual relationship with Christ when:
1. We become increasingly aware of our sinfulness and inadequacies.
2. Our response to sin is quick and followed by genuine repentance.
3. Spiritual battles are more fierce but we are still rejoicing.
4. We begin to see trials and temptations as opportunities for growth.
5. We begin service to Him as a high honor not a burden.
6. We are able to view everything that happens to us as coming from God.
7. We sense our faith is growing stronger.
8. We desire to spend more time in genuine praise and worship.
9. Our desire to obey Him is more intense and sin becomes less and less attractive to us.
10. We are eager to share with others what Christ is doing in our lives.
11. We are experiencing an increasing awareness of His presence.
12. We jealously guard our private time of prayer and Bible reading.
13. We prefer to spend more time with Him above all others.
~ by Charles Swindoll

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