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Thursday, April 19, 2007

About a week ago, I was led to a blog entitled 'Especially Heather'.

Her journey is one of transparency.

Little did I know that one woman's journey would touch me so deeply.

Last week, Heather was diagnosed with a brain tumour that is inoperable.

BUT, she knows God has a plan.

She trusts Him.

He is sovereign.
His love is unending.

She is NOT alone.

BooMama is hosting a day of love for Heather. You can post about it on your own blog, pray for Heather and her family, or you can contribute financially. Read more details at BooMama's site . The donation button will remain active for at least a couple of weeks.

Any contribution to this love offering would make a difference for Heather & her family; thanks in advance for your support!

Thank YOU for keeping Heather and her family in your prayers.

To God be the glory!

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