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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Paint Jobs

I was recently thinking about my now-deceased grandmother, and how genuinely sweet she used to be. For a few moments, I closed my eyes and tried to imagine her cozy home which was so neat, clean, and always seemed to smell of some sort of wonderful dish she was baking. Suddenly, my mind then drifted to a very small act grandma did which most people probably overlooked,yet I, even as a child, found subtle amusement.

Grandma had this old fashioned wooden bench in the hallway of her home for as long as I could remember. She and all her many guests and family relations would briefly sit upon it while taking off their boots which had become damp or soiled from the intense Buffalo (NY) weather. I suspect grandma must have picked that item up used from a yard sale, as it was obvious the bench had many coats of paint on it. Yet, several times a year, grandma would repaint it, due to its easily chipping and peeling paint.

Anyone who knows anything about painting is aware that in order for paint to best adhere to a surface, it is necessary to remove built up layers of old paint. I recall an uncle or two offering this information to grandma, but on she went painting that silly bench several times a year.

I am reminded of how many of us often do the same thing. We may adorn ourselves in such a way that gives others the impression we are pretty and new, offering polite smiles and kind words when we know someone is closely watching, yet, not far from the surface exists facets to our character that are quite ugly. We may claim to be new creations, yet under that fancy exterior is a heart which may harbor hatred, resentment, lack of forgiveness, thoughtlessness and other characteristics to our personna God would find displeasing.

Just as my grandmother needed to remove the old paint, and not simply cover up the old with the new, so too must we release the ugly grip of sin within our lives. It is not enough to just talk the talk. We must walk the walk, not just at times we think someone important is watching, but rather, what we claim to believe and hold dear must be at our very core.

"Heavenly Father, cleanse me of my transgressions, and make in me a new heart; one that thirsts after those things which are good and pleasing in Your sight. Help me to teach others about You and Your goodness, by my own example; how I live my life, because, before I can take Your light out in to the world, I must first truly place it within me. This I ask in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

"Midi: Angel WingsDevotion was written by: Melanie Schurr © 2005..http://dailywisdom.gospelcom.net/

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