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What if...?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What if...?
You will love how these five Christian women share their hearts openly, pondering the possibilities, by asking the question "what if...?" each and every day.
Enjoy daily pondering by each of these women.
Randee Krumwiede - Pink Collar Club
Anne Goodrich - Goodrich Design
Lynn Jarrett - Live Out Loud
Norka Blackman-Richards - 4 Real Women International
Some "what if...?" topics included:
What if...we knew we were created beautiful?
What if...outer beauty was an illusion?
What if...we happily accepted God's will?
What if...we had more courage to persevere?
What if...we call sin what it is...sin?
I encourage you to stop by their site today.
What if...you stopped by their site?
Only you will know...
See you there!

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