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Monday, July 09, 2007


Every blood-bought believer in Christ needs to make the decision

Once and for all who they are going to serve to the maximum

Potential that they are able. No holding back, no compromise,

No selfish and prideful motives, but out of a heart that wants to please the Father. Watch and
pray for the enemy goes about as a roaring lion seeking all that he can devour, but I have
prayed for you that you would hold fast to the end.

I have continually watched over you and counted the times when the enemy has tried to rob
and steal from you, and I AM ready to restore unto you a hundred fold all that belongs to you.
The enemy has no right to you. He cannot do anything without My allowing it. All attempts
from the wicked one will only work out for your good and to bring glory to My name.

So draw close to Me in the secret place and wait patiently upon Me. I will restore. I will heal. I
will prosper you in all ways. I only want your heart. Cry out to Me for more grace that I will
change you from glory to glory. Be concerned over the areas you fall short in and commit them
to Me. Watch Me take away those desires that you have for that of the world. Watch Me fill
your heart with a burning desire for holiness and righteousness beyond measure.

This is the day to admit that you cannot make it on your own, but do not settle for less than the
best. I have promised you freedom in all areas. I will set you free to live the abundant life. Cry
out to Me, and I will take away the hardness of heart and give you a heart of compassion and
love for the brethren. I will pour out My burden of intercession if you are willing. I will stir up
My gifts within you if you believe.

Now step out and be all I called you to be. Let Me live My life through you. This is the day to
rejoice for you have the victory for I have called you and raised you up as a mighty army of
warring overcomers tearing down the strongholds over the land and releasing those of
captivity. Rise up and march and take the land for this is the day to rejoice.

Open up your mouth and let Me fill it with My grace and truth. Let My trumpet blow through
you. Let Me even roar through you. Step out of the way and let Me take over for I AM the
Mighty Lion of Judah, and nothing will stand in My way. No power can stand against the Sword
and the Shield I have given you. Keep covered from head to toe with My armor of light which is
My glory upon you.

March on and take the land. Do not retreat no matter what you face in the way of giants for
greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. Rise up and be victorious for this is the
time of Jubilee, says your Lord and King.

* Shared by Cindy at In His Hands

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