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Blogging for Christ

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Blogging for Christ

Have you heard? Moms Making a Difference is on a mission!

Heather Bixler has been inspired to create an online place of support and encouragement for moms who desire to have an online ministry. Heather offers a FREE e-membership for those who would like to join the Blogging for Christ Movement.

Heather is determined to supply members with a content-filled newsletter that offers resources, tools and a connection with others in online ministry.

I encourage you to sign up for the Blogging for Christ Newsletter. Come learn something new while you share your life journey with others.

For complete details, go to the Moms Making a Difference blog.

And if you think that your journey will not impact someone; think again. We can all learn from one another. There are several blogs that I read on a consistent basis...and even though, I have never met the person; I feel like I 'know' them as a friend. That is how their story has affected my life. It's called transparency. Real life. Empowered by Christ.

Let's start this journey together. Are you ready to start making an impact for Christ online?

I'm ready! I have signed up and I am ready to start a personal blog where I can be more transparent with my readers. I will post an update when you can stop by for a visit.

LET'S GLORIFY GOD by using a simple tool like blogging, to empower ourselves and others on this life-changing journey to eternity. Powerful!

Let the whole world glorify the Lord; let it sing His praise. Isaiah 42:12 NLT

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