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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Special Invitation...

I am writing to invite you to a Christian Yahoo Group called In His Hands. This is my absolute favorite group to hang out with! Consider this your own personal invitation to be a part of this amazing ministry! Be sure to let them know that I sent you...we could win a prize! (smile) Come and be blessed!

In His Hands Ministry

"A place for the entire family to gather, learn and enhance their faith.We are here to give you an opportunity to play, think, grow and love.Here is the chance to ponder your faith in His Hands, or simply explore inner faith and the faith of others. With all sorts of activities from games and recipes, to daily humor and inspiration - we offer something for everyone! A place to pray, a place to play."

We have worked very hard to create a group that has something for nearly everyone to enjoy.
Every Sunday we have a Special Sunday Service -- our own cyber church service. This will be an intensive look at a specific topic each week, hosted by our Sunday Services Team, Wends and Elizabeth. We also have a mini-service and Bible Study on Wednesday evenings.

In an effort to help cut down on the overwhelming amount of mail the group is capable of generating, we have created several sub-groups to IHH.

We like to think of our main group as like the Sanctuary of our cyber church. This is where we share Prayer Requests, Praise Reports, Devotionals and Inspirationals, and where we enjoy "meet and greet" type activities. We think of our sub groups as rooms we have added on to our church - rooms designated for specific activities. Those interested may join - and those not interested are not bothered with the extra mail.

One room is called IHH Homemaking -- where those who are interested may post recipes and crafts and tips and hints -- and earn special rewards for doing so.

Another is In His Hands Graphics Grab. This is where all the extras used in PSP and Letter Creator are posted -- things like alphas, fonts, graphics, blank tags, masks, etc. This way, those who want and use these things have them easily sorted from the other posts, and those who don't use them do not have their mailboxes filled with them.

We have a special sub group called In His Hands Games and Fun where the majority of games are posted. We will have lots of puzzles and games to play and many other activities -- where points will be awarded for participation.

We also have a special sub group called Chubby Angels. We are working on a special focus here -- for those with a desire to lose weight -- and for those who have special dietary needs, such as Diabetes.

There are other sub groups as well. If you join us, you will be given a full list.

Every two weeks we hold auctions. People use the participation points they have earned to bid on a variety of items - physical items such as giftware and books.

On the 2nd Saturday of each month we have a group party - to celebrate the birthdays and anniversaries of that month - and to just have some fun together.

I hope you will decide to join us. We have a lot of fun, and we have a lot of good fellowship.

We are currently holding a Membership Drive, so if you would be kind enough to mention the name of the person who sent you this invitation, then this person will receive credit.

You will be asked to introduce yourself, and if you do - and mention that person's name, each of you will receive tickets - chances to enter into our Special Raffle that will be held on October 13th.

Please Join Us:

http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/InHisHands /

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