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The Lie of Isolation

Friday, November 23, 2007

The Lie of Isolation
~ By Dionna Sanchez

Have you ever noticed that when you are going through something in your life that is really tough, that you tend to push others away? Do you know why that is?

Think about it for a minute. We are social and relational creatures. God created us to rely on each other to get through life. He says in Hebrews 10:24-25 that we are to spur each other on, to meet together and to encourage one another. Yet whenever we feel like we’ve messed up in life, or are going through a particularly tough time, why is it that we isolate ourselves from the very people we need to lean on?

Satan loves isolation. If he can isolate us from friends and family who would be able to help us not feel defeated – then he wins! He loves to deceive us into thinking that we would be a burden on others or that they wouldn’t understand how we are feeling or what we’ve been through. But it’s a lie. In all reality, not only would those who love us try to understand, they would be able to encourage us, pray for us, and give us the strength we need to overcome our situation.

I know that it is really good to be by myself sometimes. It recharges me to have some quiet time to myself. It’s good for me to learn how to enjoy my own company and how to schedule my day on MY terms. Yet I think we need to be careful that an occasional recharging session doesn’t turn into an escape from reality. We can get to the point that we don’t know how to handle others anymore and then start to think that everyone is out to get us or that no one understands us. Satan is so good at doing that to us.

We need each other. As much as you may try to deny that fact or ignore it – we need each other. Yes, you may have your husband or your child. But they are not enough. We need a variety of Godly people in our lives that can help us on this road of life. People who can lovingly be honest to us and help us overcome challenges or issues. (You may think you don’t want to hear honesty but you really do – for how else can you grow and become that person you really desire to be?)

When we remain isolated, several things happen to us:
* We are vulnerable to attack by Satan because we don’t have a support system to help us * We remain in sin and/or poor behavior patterns * We become “posers.” Showing or acting like all is well in our life because we lose people whom we can really trust to be authentic with or we feel no one will understand. * We lose touch with real life, real feelings, and real people.

It’s uncomfortable sometimes to start relying on others when you are afraid they will crush your feelings. But I encourage you to take a chance. Pray about it and let God lead you out from your isolated world and into a world of open arms waiting to love you along in life.

Isolation is not good for anyone. It is only Satan’s way of hindering you, deceiving you, and leaving you unhealthy. It’s his way of keeping your thoughts, feelings, issues, and struggles a “secret” when God only wants them out in the open and into the light.

Don’t reason with yourself about this dangerous stronghold. But make a vow today to run away from your isolated way of living. Even if you are housebound, there is a way to get the friendship and support system you need. Pray about it and God will answer. Seek and you shall find – never to be off on your own again.

God says, “It is not good for man to be alone.” Do you trust Him? Then make a change today.

~ Dionna Sanchez desires close Godly women friendships in her life. She shares with other women from her heart through her blog at http://emphasisonmoms.blogspot.com

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