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Sunday, December 09, 2007

FREEDOM in Christ Ministries

The Present Problem

Many of God's people (the Church) are living as captives - deceived, oppressed and complacent - because they do not understand their true identity and the power and authority that are theirs in Christ. According to research reported by the George Barna Group in 2006, "only 23% of those attending church named their faith in God as their top priority in life".

Our Mission

The mission of Freedom in Christ is to provide a biblically-based process and resources by which church and ministry leaders and their people discover:
* Who they are in Christ
* Who Christ is in them
* How to live out the truth of those realities every day so that those ministries become healthy, healing places making a powerful impact for Christ on their communities

Our Vision
The vision of Freedom in Christ is to see church and ministry leaders and their people joyfully alive and free in Christ in communities all across the nation.

Taken from Freedom in Christ Ministries

Visit today; this website will give you the tools
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Victory is yours! No more chains!

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