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Why I Celebrate Christmas

Thursday, December 13, 2007


It isn't the tinsel,
The wrapping or things,
That make me feel happy and
Make my heart sing.

The reason is simple
(at least just to me)
The reason is Jesus!
Woo hoo! Yip Yippee!

He gave us the best,
Finest gift there could be!
He gave us Himself,
When He died on a tree.

So when I see my tree
All twinkly with lights
I think of Bethlehem
On that most special night.

I look at the star,
Right at the top
And remember the star
And where it stopped.

The presents beneath it,
Bring to recall
The Magi and gifts
In a cold stable stall.

To many, these things
Are symbols of greed.
To me they remind me
Of what mankind needs!

The gift that was wrapped
And placed in stable stall
Was the very BEST gift,
Yes, the BEST gift of all!

So that's why I celebrate ...
I can't be much clearer,
Christmas season to me
Simply brings Jesus nearer!

~ Author unknown

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