FREE Indeed!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

FREE Indeed!
Escaping Bondage and Brokenness for Freedom in Christ

"Dr. Ganz has the detailed heart-probing insights of a doctor, along with the love and concern for people that comes from 25 years as a pastor. In this practical and easily read book Ganz exposes the patterns of thought and behavior that trap us and keep us from the freedom God offers His children. Not me-centered freedom, but true freedom found in Christ that impacts every area of life."

From the Introduction:
How long will God‘s people be so ignorant of the freedom they have in Christ? Paul said he was “free from all men” (1 Cor. 9:19). That doesn’t mean that we owe them nothing (we owe them love!), but simply that we are not under their crushing judgment. The only judgment that matters is God’s judgment on our sin, which Christ has received on our behalf. The destruction of biblical freedom disintegrates the vibrancy of the Christian life.
My desire is that Christ’s people will drop all their self-defeating defenses, their extra-biblical inflexibilities and instead:
1. Come to God in humble dependence upon Him and His grace, find, and practice the freedom He has given us in Christ.
2. Come to His Word, appropriating it and living it in joy, instead of forcing it to fit our own pre-Christian prejudices.
I want to see God’s people set free from their crippling estrangement from a personal relationship with Christ and brought into deeper fellowship with Him, a fellowship in absolute truth. Jesus declared, “I am the truth” (John 14:6) and that, “the truth shall set you free” (John 8:32). The truth is infallible because He is the truth. I am concerned that we have misinterpreted that truth and turned it into bondage.
My basic presupposition is that Jesus Christ is truth, and He gives freedom. Thirty years ago I came to the realization that Jesus is the truth, and so concluded that unswerving obedience to Him is essential. I have sought to honor that commitment, but only recently have I understood and experienced what His freedom means. We must be as deeply committed to exercising that freedom as we are to believing in the truth.
This book is for Christians. While I hope that many who are not Christians may read it and be drawn into the freedom found in fellowship with Christ, my principal goal is to reach Christians who hunger and thirst after the meaningful life of freedom in Christ that they never seem to attain. It is for all who stumble and fall, who think they can’t get up but hate lying there. It is for those who have squandered their lives living everyone else’s dreams but have never lived their own calling in Christ. It is for those who have fought for freedoms but still are not free.
It is my prayer that this book will help God‘s people become what they are meant to be in Christ: FREE!

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