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How to Pray - free download

Monday, February 11, 2008

Free Download of How to Pray

How to Pray is a gripping call to prayer read in an enlivening style. Pastor, educator, evangelist, and author R.A. Torrey delivers a no-nonsense handbook for praying correctly and receiving answers from God. The book is full of examples, stories, and anecdotes that inwardly compel the listener to pray heartily. Topics covered include the importance of prayer, praying in the Spirit, constancy in prayer, and hindrances to prayer.

Christian Audio has been giving away audiobooks monthly at ChristianAudio.com for over two years! When they first started, they were able to give away only a few hundred audiobooks each month. Now they are giving away many thousands every month.

This month (February 2008) Christian Audio is giving away R. A. Torrey's How To Pray. It is an excellent audiobook. A nice fit for the Easter season.

* Just add the Download Format of How To Pray to your cart and then enter the coupon code FEB2008 during checkout.

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