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Is Your Every Move Governed by Christ?

Friday, February 29, 2008

Where The Wind Blows

~ David L Burns

I love the passage in Ezekiel 47 describing the water flowing from the temple and I imagine such water being so deep and having such a strong current that anyone who tried to swim this river would instead be carried along by the water.

Men of God, apostles and prophets were carried along by the Holy Spirit. The Bible says, "but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit" (2 Peter 1:21).

Wow, this is great. Every believer has the potential to live a daily life, so close to Jesus, that our every move is governed by Christ, being carried along by the Holy Spirit. This is the role of the Holy Spirit to carry us along into incremental obedience to Jesus. By incremental obedience I mean, not just obeying the "big things" like not killing people. I’m talking about a life so carried along by the Spirit that we are the fragrance, the very aroma of Christ, obedient to the tiniest detail.

A daily walk with Jesus is more than doing what we want and asking God to bless us. It is searching our hearts for the areas that are still following the current of the world, the flow of what the neighbors are doing, and asking the LORD to re-arrange our lives so that we are no longer following the pattern of this world, but through the renewing of our minds in Christ we are transformed and now we are carried along by the Holy Spirit!

I don't want to steal your joy, but you have areas in your life that you refuse to lay out in front of Jesus, do you not? Areas that the Spirit has been bringing conviction, trying to get you to follow the Bible more and your feelings less, perhaps. There are areas in each of our lives that we are scared to face, frightened that if we turn these areas over to Jesus, the pain of change will be too great, the challenge will be unbearable and the adjustment too great of a price to pay. So we draw back into what we call "grace", reasoning that even though Christ is calling us to stop living by worldly standards, we retreat, believing that His grace will cover our disobedience. Are we so sure?

What we think of as a retreat to "grace" is really a drawing away from Christ's appeal for us to have a change of heart. This is exactly where satan wants us, living in disobedience, yet, falsely convinced that grace covers our rebellious spirit. A parent has a great love for their child, but disobedience must be dealt with or else it will result in great disobedience and finally a falling away of a rebellious child. Parent, how would you react toward your child if they disobeyed you and when you asked why, they simply said, "I knew you loved me and wouldn't make me do it or care if I didn’t do it".

The bottom line is this, who wants to live in rebellion against the Spirit's moving? Who wants to refuse to follow the leading of the Spirit and live like other worldly non-Christians? Who wants to grieve the Spirit? Following the Spirit can be very painful, painful because the flesh does not want to die. The flesh wants to run. Here's where God's grace comforts me. Not in giving me a refuge from what He's asking me to change, but giving me strength and comfort to change my heart.

I fought homeschooling for many years even though I knew it was the call of LORD in our family's life. When I finally searched the Scripture I was convinced this was right for our family. That's when I depended upon God's grace to give me strength and to obey. It was amazing grace! I tried finding grace when I refused to follow His leading, but never found it. But, when I finally accepted His challenge, His grace was more than sufficient. His reward was awesome! This was an area where the Holy Spirit was trying to carry me along and I was unwilling to go. What is your area?

Dear Heavenly Father, let us not find any refuge in false grace.
In Jesus' Mighty name, AMEN!

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