Lord Why?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Father I just don't understand
why all these trials are thrusk upon man?
Lord I am battle scarred and weary
Right now, there is just no theory.

It seems we are fighting hurricane force winds,
we end one battle and another begins.
My child, you must listen to me,
take some time and sit at my knee.

The enemy looks for ways to devour,
He wants to sift you like wheat and leave you no power!
You must wear my Armour and never delay,
Spend Time on your Knees, and Seriously Pray!

He looks for a way to open that door,
and wants to come in and strike with that Roar!
What does my Word tell you to do?
Obey me Child, and I will see you through.

His vengence grows stronger as more battles you face,
He is trying hard child, to take you out of this race.
Discouragement is his Number one Tool,
You must guard your heart child, for he is no fool.

He stirs up dissension, hatred and strife,
he would like nothing better then to end your life.
I have warned you my child, pay no heed,
Listen to my voice, and do it with speed.

This is the time when you must fight the good fight,
Lay down your life and and put an end to all strife.
Do not be careless in thought, Word or Deed,
It opens doors, and will plant the wrong seed.

I know your tired my child and you need Rest in Me,
Let me refreshen you, and in Me you will see.
I have come to Give Life, not take it away,
Abide in My word and close by me, just stay.

I will sustain you as you look on my Face,
Now stand on your feet, and get back in the Race,
I have set before you, doors no man can close,
Now Child, stop struggling and don't let him impose.

Let the winds blow, no harm can they do,
I raise up my Hand and speak Peace to those too!
Get into My Word like never before,
I walked this earth and suffered much more!

Do you not recall Child what I suffered for you?
I know what its like to be weary and blue,
To feel rejection, pain and distress.
But I trusted in my Fathers Heavenly Rest.

Keep your eyes glued on me and not on those trials,
Have I not commanded you, "Be Strong", all the while,
I have told you Not to Fear and cling to my Hand,
On Me you must Depend child, and not on Man.

One Day I will take you from this earth, on that you can depend,
But for now Child, there are many fences you must mend.
I gave you Life so you could enjoy your time on earth,
I watched over you, as your dear mother gave you birth.

I have a purpose and destiny for each man,
For you child, I have laid out my plan,
Concentrate on me and my Will for you,
Stop allowing others to affect you as they do.

I sent you here and opened the Way,
and for now my child, on this earth you must stay.
Let those winds blow, they cannot harm you,
I have removed their sting, now what more can they do?

You must walk in Love and learn my Ways,
Pay heed to my Commands and a Price you must pay,
Study my Word both day and Night,
and In me Child, you will find your Delight!

Mary Ann Trott
March 17th, 2008

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