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Waiting is a Tiring Place to Be

Sunday, March 02, 2008

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29th Jan 2008 - Daily Devotional

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This week we are sharing on the ten virgins from Matthew 25. Yesterday we spoke on the power of being prepared.

Hayley and I are very different in our personalities and our way of thinking. I have very high expectations and believe that things are going to happen relatively quickly and Hayley is one who will see that things will take a bit of time and that eventually we will get there and the two of us together make a strong team.

Here the expectation of the foolish virgins made them go there unprepared because they saw the signs of the times and thought the bridegroom was going to come quickly. I would like us to capture that there is a preparation that needs to take place in the lives of Christians. In the scripture below I would like us to capture how we need to handle delay today. The five wise virgins knew what it was like to wait as they had been doing so for a very long time and therefore they went prepared.

When we are waiting and there are delays in our lives we just want to give up and quit. Today we would like to say to you – KEEP STANDING ON YOUR FEET, DO NOT GIVE UP AND KEEP FOCUSED!

We need to get our eyes off what is happening around us. You could be sick right now, struggling to get from one day to the next and trying to keep strong and you could be looking at people who are fit and healthy. But do not give up in that place of weakness but TRUST GOD.

Stand and trust God and believe that you will not be like one of those who are foolish and think that this might pass quickly, but let us take action in the Holy Spirit.

If you are faced with great difficulty today I would like to encourage you to STAND UPON THE PROMISE THAT GOD HAS FOR YOU. It is His promise that will pull you through.

Waiting is a tiring place to be! But the Word of God talks about those that wait upon the Lord, He shall renew their strength and they shall rise up with wings of eagles. If you are feeling drowsy right now in this time of delay, do something that will keep you awake and use the spiritual vitamin of the Word of God and the Wisdom of the Spirit to keep yourself awake!

When we are called to WAIT ON THE LORD it is an ACTION for us to SEEK HOW WE CAN BETTER SERVE THE LORD IN THIS TIME. Serve the Father today in your time of waiting and you will see that the breakthrough will be coming soon.

Matthew 25: 5:
The bridegroom was a long time in coming, and they all became drowsy and fell asleep.

Special thanks to Word of God Speak Devotional

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Anonymous said...

I had to wait to get a good job and like the unwise virgins, I gave up and started cursing. Thank God for his mercy and love, I realized that the waiting time was for me to be prepared to get into the corporate world.

I'm now willing to get prepared for things to happen rather than pondering on why it is not happening :)