Thursday, June 26, 2008


Lord, what would you say to us in these times ?

All is evil
All has lost it’s purity
I am shamed and ridiculed

Can you not rise up ?
Can you not stand with Me ?

Have I forsaken you ?
Why do you forsake me ?

Are your mountains too high and
Your valleys too low
That you cannot find me there ?

I Am not hiding
I sit in your heart and wait
Will I hear you cry out
If you seek Me you will find Me
For I Am

What evil besets you
That I can not handle ?
What sin so great I can not forgive

You are my child
I Am you Father
Cling to me,
For I will receive you
My love is never ending

(c) Carla Curry, staff writer
Narrow Way Newsletter Ministry

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1 comment:

Kay Martin said...

Love your poem. Thank you for your heart. God's mercy and grace are what keeps me going. YOu indeed did encourage me.