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Church Pew Hostages

Monday, July 21, 2008

Satan is not warring over those who are in the world, for he already has them in his grasp. His war is to conquer those who are sitting in the pews! Those who have been reconciled, he longs to take hostage once again. His strategy is deceptive, because he uses them to hinder the work of the church.

Satan deludes people with other goals in life which soon take priority over the work of the church and personal involvement. They become members of the body which become dysfunctional. Hands will not work; feet will not travel; mouth, ears and brain stop functioning. Lame, blind and deaf,the church struggles to fulfill its purpose.

Satan also lures people into complacency. Having become satisfied with less than God's desire for their lives, they settle for adolescence, rather than maturing to adulthood, while at the same time believing they are adults!

Satan tantalizes people's sense with false teachings with the purpose of taking others off course.Then, deluded themselves, they delude others to a false sense of security. Then on to another, yet another, the delusions continue to spread.

Satan will also stalemate the church's vision with past accomplishments! He enjoys the boasting in the glory of a successful past program, because they fail to launch a new one, with possibly more productive, fruitful efforts!He's lingering at church . . . he's working throughout the pews!

If the church and we as individual members are ever going to be what God desires, the hostages sitting within the pews must be freed. And the only thing that can set them free is the truth. And only the Bible can reveal if we are being held hostage. Only the Bible can set and keep us free.

Read it, study it, and make it yours, that you might heed the warnings and not be taken hostage.

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