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Monday, July 28, 2008

Christians heed to what I say,
the Will of God is not in play.
We tend our flocks and nourish needs,
but don't go out where Jesus leads.

Our Churches big, despite the cost,
they comfort us, but not the lost.
It seems we've lost our given goal,
that everyone through Christ be whole.

Jesus said, "Go forth and teach,
to every nation you can reach."
"To Baptize them in Gods own name,
the Holy Ghost and Son the same."

He said, "Teach to them what I have taught,
the One they seek may now be sought."
Jesus said, "Go forth and teach",
but not just those He's called to preach.

There's people dying in their sin,
cause Christians now hold God within.
Revival comes from inside our heart,
I pray dear Lord, please help us start.

Fill us full of your Holy Ghost,
and place us where you need us most.
Please send us Lord into the lands,
to heal the sick, with your precious hands.

Lord give us faith and give us power,
to save the world this final hour.
Praise your name-THE KING ON HIGH,
if we don't do it, the stones will cry.

I pray YE LORD,
one humble plea,
don't send a stone Lord,
Please SEND ME.

*Author Unknown

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