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Spiritual Darkness

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Can't Hear You
~ Jean Fleming
Editor - Narrow Way Newsletter Ministry

Grief can cripple you and throw you into such spiritual darkness that you can’t “feel”, “see”, or “find” Jesus. The self confidence you have experienced as a victorious Christian can disappear.

C.S. Lewis described it like this, “My pain screams so loudly, I can’t hear God’s whispers.” When I read those words I identified immediately but also felt assured because it reminds us that God is there as always and speaking softly to our spirit. He is continuing to whisper to us His comfort but the agitation of the grief is obscuring and dulling our ability to see and hear.

So what do we do? I can’t say this loudly enough and strongly enough. STAY IN THE WORD OF GOD. KEEP PRAYING! I know you won’t “feel” like it but make yourself do it. Slowly the peace will return and your darkness will disappear and the barriers that block your faith will be torn down.
Thank You Jesus
for Your presence in my spirit
even when I don’t “feel” it,
I know You are there.

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