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Weary Saints - Pulling Up Your Seed

Friday, July 11, 2008

Weary Saints

I have received several emails this week about people becoming weary in their prayer time or in their confessions of the word of God. I know and understand exactly what you are saying. But, once you have seeds of faith in the ground, don't pull them back up with the words of your mouth.

What am I talking about???

It's happened to most of us. We pray and ask God for a specific thing, our faith is at an all time high and we just know we are going to see the manifestation of the promise at any given moment. Many have explained it like this. Seed -----time ------harvest. They describe it as sowing the seed - then comes time and more time and more time and then the harvest.

Often during the 'time' phase many become weary and begin to pull up their seed with their words. They say things like 'I really thought that was God' or 'I don't believe it was God's will for that to happen after all' or 'I don't see it ever happening' or 'why God, has it not come to pass?' You see when we say things like that we are literally pulling up every good seed we sowed.

Imagine this, a farmer goes out into the garden and spends an entire week digging up the ground and putting his seed in the ground. He waits for the first rain and sees that his seed has been watered. He is a happy man. Then the next day, he decides he is tired of waiting - so he goes outside and digs up all the seed he planted. How dumb would that be? Yet that is what we do when we sow the word of God and then dig it back up.

I have seen people sow a seed for financial breakthrough and stand firm on that seed, then time will pass and things will 'appear' worse. What happens next is they will often say 'I shouldn't have sown that seed, it didn't work, and it only got worse.' My friend, you have what you say. Every single time, you have what you say. If you say it didn't work, it will not work.

Most of the time this happens when we become weary and discouraged. As I told one of our readers today, when I become weary, I say nothing. I say nothing at all. Until the word of God is ready to come out of my mouth, I keep my mouth shut. Why? Because I have learned to NOT dig my seed back up. I have learned as my great-grandmother used to say 'if you can't say something good, say nothing at all.' I apply this to my spiritual walk. It is much wiser to keep your mouth shut until the words coming out of your mouth line up with what you want to happen. Don't ever say what you don't want to see happen. Life and death are in the power of your tongue. You will have what you say. You have to decide what you want to have and say nothing but that. Regardless of what you see - say only what you want to see happen. If you can't do that, say nothing and feed yourself with the word of God until only faith-filled words comes out of your mouth.

When you learn to do that, your seed will grow up and produce a huge harvest.

If you have dug up your seed, don't be condemned, put your seed back in the ground. And don't be condemned if you go a few days without saying anything while you are allowing your faith to be built up. It's just like a farmer missing a few days of rain, the harvest still comes.

Think about the farmer; think about how many tomatoes come from one tomato plant. Think about how many corn ears come from one corn seed. Think about how many potatoes come from one potato plant. It is the law of multiplication and that is what happens when you sow spiritually as well - the harvest is much greater than the seed - and there is more seed in each harvest - God's way is perfect. Get your seed in the ground - water it and keep it there - then get your barns ready - harvest is here.

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