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Are You Cheating on the Lord?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stop Cheating

10 Let those who love the LORD hate evil, for he guards the lives of his faithful ones and delivers them from the hand of the wicked.

11 Light is shed upon the righteous and joy on the upright in heart.

12 Rejoice in the LORD, you who are righteous, and praise his holy name. Psalm 97:10-12

There is a strong dichotomy that cannot be denied when one analyzes the allegiance the child of God must have. The child of God must love the Lord and hate evil. The Word tells us that to be a friend of the world is to be an enemy of God's. Even James uses strong words in his letter to early Christians by calling them adulterers because of their relationship with the world while they claim to be in relationship with the Lord! It is important that we recognize that we cannot have fellowship with the Lord and fellowship with the world at the same time. When will we stop cheating?

Often we seek God for His delivering power, for His anointing, for many things - constantly desiring a way out of our circumstances, an answer to our dilemmas, a "way out of no way." Unfortunately there are times when we make those requests while we are still holding on to some "things and or some people." But the psalmist encourages us that God will guard our lives, He will deliver and He will provide light and joy. However, there is something we must ensure we are not guilty of: cheating! If we love the Lord then we will hate evil - we will not cling to those things or people that are contrary to His Word, will and way! He requires that we be faithful in our relationship with Him! He will shine line in those dark areas of our lives - He will give us joy when we are downcast. Rejoice and praise Him - give Him the honor due His name - and while you are at it - make sure there isn't anything in your life that characterizes you as a cheater - for He is a jealous God and He requires your faithfulness and your praise!

c/2008 Candie A. Price

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