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90 Days With the One & Only

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Have you thought about what you are studying this fall? If not, Joanne (from Blessed) has a suggestion for you! She has friends that are leading an online Bible study in September! It is just getting started and it is not too late for you to join in.

Angie (from Knightly News) and her sister Amy are leading the study written by Beth Moore called 'Jesus, The One and Only'.

The Bible study will be held over at the Sisters of Faith website. The study starts here.

Be sure to bookmark their page to follow along.
Please share what God is revealing to you!

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1 comment:

Aunt Angie said...

Karla---I am SO slow at getting back to my e-mails. Sorry Sorry Sorry.
Thank you for posting about our Bible Study. I has been going great! We will have a give away at the end for the participants (all they have to do is let us know they are with us each day)
Your blog is so uplifting! Thanks for coming by our place---because it lead me right back to your door!