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Friday, October 17, 2008

Apply the Word Constantly - Kim Potter

I spent the afternoon with a friend today - watching a new movie. Now, friends, I have not been to a movie theatre in 10-15 years. However, I had so many readers recommend this movie to me that I had to go and see it. The movie was called 'Fireproof' and I would highly recommend it to everyone. Amy and I cried most of the way through but it was a deeply moving movie. I left feeling a renewed sense of God - it was great.

As we drove back, we talked about the Lord and what He had been doing in our personal lives. I have learned, when I am going through purging times in the Lord, many times others are too. I think it is something He is doing all over the world through His people.

I remember back 19 years ago, the first time I began to go through a purging, I wondered if I had even gotten saved. It seemed like all the things I had repented of with my attitude were suddenly magnified. Do you know what I mean? As Amy and I talked we realized we were both again going through a purging time, as is my daughter.

Now, if someone is going through a purging time they are not fun to be around - not at all. But if you realize that God is working in them, you will be able to have mercy, knowing He is working all things for their good. Another great thing about purging is when you make it to the other side; you have reached a whole new place in God.

I have been through this process a number of times, but this time is different. My faith is different now. God had said to me last year that He was taking me to a place where my faith is unshakable. I can tell, even in this purging process, that my faith is different. It is stronger, more stable and I have much more wisdom than I had at other times of purging.

I am fully persuaded that one thing determines the length of time we go through tests or trials. That one thing is what comes out of your mouth during that time. I am persuaded that if you say nothing but the word of God your season will be short. Remember the children of Israel and their eleven day journey that ended up taking forty years - for one reason, they complained and spoke against God.

Now, you may think you would never speak against God, however if you say the opposite of what God has said about a person, situation or promise, you are speaking against God. We don't want to see it that way, but it is true.

As I have said often, it still amazes me that we struggle with our words when we know by teaching how important our words are. They literally guide our life. They lead us in a specific direction.

Just as it was with the children of Israel, I think we determine the amount of time it takes to get to our Promised Land. And that depends on what comes out of our mouth. I always go back to what Jesus said 'I only say what I hear the Father say.' I know that sounds impossible, but Jesus did it. And He did it as a man on this earth, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

We, today, have the same empowerment as Jesus has. We have the same ability to say only what we hear the Father say. But we are so trained from birth to say what we see instead of speaking by faith. It takes time to retrain yourself to speak only what the Father says - and personally, it never ceases to amaze me how often I speak against what His word says in my every day speech.

I have made it my purpose for the next forty days to say only what I hear the Father say. Now, I will mess up and I will have to repent many times I am sure, but I have purposed in my heart to train myself to say only what my Father says.

I am so encouraged and excited to press toward that mark - the Bible says when we get control of our tongue, we are perfect and mature in God - that is what I am shooting for. Mature in Christ and becoming more and more Christ-like - walking as my Jesus walked.

How about you? Have you been going through the battle longer than you imagined it would be? If so, what are you saying? I don't mean when you are praying, I mean the other times when those situations are staring you in the face, what are you saying during those times? Are you continuing to speak the word of God and only say what He says? It's vital what you say - and it will determine how long you are in the battle.

The Promised Land is already yours - it has been all the time. The promise God made you is already yours, He has been leading you toward it the whole time - He has a quick route if you are willing to only do what He says do and only say what He says say. Does it ever astound you what all Jesus accomplished in three short years? Do you realize in three short years this one man changed the entire world, for years to come? If we were to do what He did - imagine what we could do in a few short years. Imagine what we could do if 1,000 of us did exactly what Jesus did - we could turn this world around.

We have the anointing - we have all the authority - we have the ability through Christ to change things. Yet to do that - we are going to have to walk like Jesus walked. Talk like Jesus talked - all the time. And trust like Jesus trusted. If you can trust God when you are being beaten by the world and hanging on a cross someone else has put you on - I can promise you that you will rise again. If you can worship Him and trust Him when you have no idea what is going on - I promise you will walk in resurrection power. If you can speak the Word and the Word only - I can assure you the Word of God will manifest in your life - all the time. It's up to you. It's all up to you.

copyright 2008 - Kim Potter

A New Thing Ministries

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Lori said...

Very good. Powerful and so true!!