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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Just wanted to share a nifty new tool that I have come across that allows you to have the Bible at your fingertips while you are surfing online.

The Bible Toolbar is a free tool that enables you to search the NIV Bible online. The makers of this amazing tool will be adding different versions of the Bible soon.

The Bible Toolbar also includes a search feature that allows you easy access to google's search engine. Just insert what you are looking for and google will be sure to find it for you!

The Bible Toolbar also has a Verse of the Day feature; another quick and easy way to meditate upon the Word of God, even at your computer!

Try it out – it's an easy way to bring God's Word into your daily life.

The makers of the Bible Toolbar are interested in your feedback. If you have any questions, ideas, new features or feedback, please let them know.

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