Thursday, December 04, 2008

EMPOWERED is a free online magazine for Christian women in pursuit of God. Our mission is to EQUIP and EMPOWER women to live a life that honors God.

Who Is The Empowered Woman?

The Empowered woman is not satisfied with an ordinary life. She continually challenges herself and all she comes in contact with to take day to day living to the next level. She seeks a deeper relationship with her maker and with the family and friends that she holds dear to her heart. She is strong, confident, and savvy. She makes important decisions based on solid facts, yet still allows her heart to guide her. She continually strives towards a balanced life full of meaning and service to others. She does not allow fear, the opinion of others, or past failures to get in the way of achieving her God given destiny. She lives for an audience of one. She is EMPOWERED through grace daily.

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Awhile back, I had the privilege of connecting with Anna Quesada, owner of Empowered Magazine! Anna is an amazing woman ~ she is incredibly compassionate and has a HUGE desire to see women achieve their God-Given Destiny! I'm so honored to know her and to share her ministry with you!

~ Karla

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing about Empowered Magazine, Karla. I'm very honored to have a poem in it. I enjoy reading your blog and have given you a Proximity Award. You can see it on the Inspirational Poetry Blog on my website.