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Please Don't Take CHRIST
Out of CHRISTmas

Monday, December 01, 2008

Why did they take the Christ out of Christmas?
Don't they know
He made the snow
He made the stars,
He gave the gifts
Without Him, we'd be adrift

Why did they take the Christ out of Christmas?
Can't they see
He's all they need
He calms the soul
He's in control
Why did they let that part go?

Why did they take the Christ out of Christmas?
It's what the season
Is all about
He's what we cannot
Live without
Please don't take the Christ out of Christmas

We're rushing, shopping
Buying, Giving
But without Him
We're not really living

How did we forget the manger scene?
Or what that quiet night really means
The star and angel at the top of the tree
Is not as far as we should see

The tinsel, the lights
The reindeer, the sleigh
None of these things can show us the way

How did the story about Joseph and Mary
Get shoved aside for the gifts that we carry?
Somehow we reject Him again and again
Its hard to find even three wise men

Why did the stores get crowded and rushed
When did we lose the desire for His touch?

Amid Holiday sales
Everywhere that you see
We forget the most priceless gift is still free

It lasts forever; in your heart it will stay
You don't have to return anything the next day

As you gather with family
On Christmas Eve
Make sure His love
Is the gift you receive

As you pause and reflect
On that cold, wintry night
Please don't forget
Why we all must fight....

To keep the Christ in our Christmas

(c) Tamara 2007

Thank you Tamara for taking the time to share your poem with me; I know this poem will touch many hearts this Christmas season. Bless you, my sister, for sharing your work with us!

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