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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Beautiful One Magazine is directed to and focuses on women. Women are influential, they are strong, and they are able. They are the heartbeat of families, and they are a strong part of our world culture and Christian faith. Women are vital to the continuance and quality of human life as we know it. They are caregivers and the authors of deep love. These are just some of the reasons we work to preserve the greatness and delicacy of women today. This modern culture of women has undergone a severe makeover of the wrong kind. Women have lost themselves to media, fashion, entertainment, anger, disappointment, sexual abuse, verbal and physical abuse, divorce and depression. In having to combat these elements, we have in many cases lost our focus and direction with who we were meant to be, made to be and called to be. We exist to reverse the curse.. to uplift, motivate, encourage and bring women to places they've never before known in their own hearts and minds. To open their thinking to see their own potential. Women. God's handiwork.

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