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Real Problems; Biblically Based Solutions

Monday, January 12, 2009

One of my favorite programs on television is Life Today with James Robison.

Life Today offers a weekly segment called Wednesdays With Beth. Beth Moore is an incredible Bible teacher; she is a very transparent woman who has a deep desire to be obedient to God.

Life Today has made these weekly broadcasts available to listen to at any time, through quicktime, flash, mp3 and transcript. Be sure to take advantage of these teachings; they will change your life!

LifeToday's hosts are James and Betty Robison. They interview inspirational guests daily. The discussions are about "real problems that ordinary people face in everyday life ~ offering biblically-based solutions that will transform lives, heal marriages, restore families, and draw people to eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ."


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1 comment:

Julie Arduini said...

Thank you for this, I had no idea. What a treat this is, I encourage anyone seeking freedom in Christ to take advantage!