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Courageous Stand on Abortion

Friday, February 20, 2009

Meet Lia, a 12 year old in seventh grade that has recently taken a COURAGEOUS STAND in her school on the topic of ABORTION. Hear this young woman's passion as she speaks on behalf of the unborn children ~ even when the teacher's discouraged her from speaking on such a controversial topic.

I highly encourage you to listen to her speech, as well as read the entire story entitled "Y.O.P.P." at Moral Outcry, the Bound 4 LIFE blog.

And then I want you to go read "12 not 21"

And then, I want you to pray for the children across the nation, that they will rise up in Christ and be all who God has called them to be!

Praising Jesus for the work that is being done for His Name sake all over the world!

Special thanks to Bound 4 LIFE for keeping us informed. Visit Bound4LIFE to learn about 'The Silent Siege' ~ the difference between a prayer meeting and a protest!

Get involved!

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1 comment:

Jennifer Taylor said...

Good for her. I'm amazed at how some people will twist the facts to believe what they want. Abortion is wrong no matter how they try to justify it.