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Teach Me To Love

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Teach me to love, just like a child.
Remind me every day to smile.
To trust you as I take each step.
Erase old wounds and past regrets.
Teach me to swallow pride and greed,
and trust you’ll supply all of my needs.
Show me how to schedule my day.
To learn from you and to always pray.
Let me hunger for spiritual growth.
Not gossip or words to speak in boast.
Teach me forgiveness when I am offended.
Responding in love…all hate will be ended.
For mercy and grace are gifts we receive.
If we only open our hearts and believe.
Childlike faith will grow and become…
A reflection of Jesus, my Savior, God’s son.

~ Author Unknown


Anonymous said...

Indeed love is the key. What a lovely poem about our dependent on our Lord. It spurns us to want to be more like Jesus.

N Abram said...

Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem. Have a blessed week-end x

N Abram said...