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Learn How to Live Your Purpose

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Frustrated with life?
Feeling purposeless?

Many people desire to live their purpose,
but don't know how to accomplish it.

EEW Magazine has compiled a list of 7 important principles
to get you started on the road to DESTINY!

God's children have been designed for a life of GREATNESS.

It's time to...

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If you are looking to be inspired, challenged and encouraged
to aim higher, do better and achieve more for the GLORY of God,
then you need to visit EEW Magazine

"The ESSENCE of the Black Christian Woman"

The Empowering Everyday Women (EEW) is a real movement designed to place the African American woman and the God she loves at the forefront of mainstrem media.

1 comment:

Julie Arduini said...

I don't leave as many comments as I'd like but I read your blog every day and your passion for Him makes me want to run out of the house and tell the world. Thanks for truly being an inspiration.

I have a blog award for you, come on over to http://thesurrenderedscribe.blogspot.com for it.

Thanks fo al you do!