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God Sets a Divine Stage

Saturday, October 03, 2009

There are times when life is bigger than you

and tears fall for it’s incredibly rough.

Such are the seasons you search hard for reasons

while God says his grace is enough.

When life deals a loss you never saw coming

and broken pieces lie all over the floor,

You weep as you struggle to put it back together

but God’s faithfulness means even more.

When your health is threatened and you feel shaken

not knowing the next thing to do,

God takes your broken prayers, mingled with teardrops

then offers His wisdom to you.

When your child is handicapped & your whole life changes

to be a caregiver both day and night,

God fills you with strength and mountains of love

and courage for every long fight.

When you’re unemployed much longer than you hoped

and life is hanging by the smallest of threads,

God will bring you to the brink – then give you more faith

to show He’s your provider instead.

When you enter into years of loneliness and solitude

with no voice in the house but your own,

God will bless you and cover you…and keep you company

granting peace to the place you call home.

For what we don’t know at the onset of our trials

is God sets a divine stage long before,

And He’s waiting in the circumstance to give us what we need

when our tears fall like rain on the floor.

© Sheila Gosney

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