Mountain Moving FAITH

Saturday, October 10, 2009

"'...Not by might, not by power, but by My spirit,' says the Lord of hosts." ~ Zechariah 4:6

The mountains are moved by My spirit and by My power. So why is it that you look at the mountain that blocks your path and you say to yourself "I cannot move that"? Of course you can not! You were never expected to. It is always My spirit that moves the mountains.

Do not look at the obstacles that lay before you. Look rather to Me, for I am able to move all mountains and I am able to deal with all obstacles. You cannot do it in your own strength, and you were never expected to. So lean on Me and draw from My strength.

Watch Me and see how I will glorify My name in your situations. I have permitted obstacles to come before some of My own. For others, I have actually caused them to come, that they might be forced to put their trust wholeheartedly in Me.

The bigger the obstacle, the larger the measure of faith that will be granted to you, if you come to Me and ask Me for it. Dear child, I desire to show you how capable I am. I desire to demonstrate to you that I am trustworthy. And I want you to look to Me, not to your own resources.

This is a time and a season where I am causing many of My children to learn to walk by faith. That is why I am allowing the obstacles to come before you.

I desire that you come to Me for direction, and I desire that you wait on Me for My timing. My timing is not your timing. You almost always want it NOW rather than in My timing. So change your way and trust Me to know the times and seasons. Trust Me to work My glory in each of your situations.

Child of Mine, My glory and transformation do not come without a price, for I demand your complete commitment to Me. I expect total obedience.

I expect you to cooperate with Me as I work deep in your hearts and souls to mold you into the image of My Son. But in return for giving Me lordship in your life, you will see an increase in your ability to hear My voice clearly. You will see an increase in My anointing upon you. You will see yourself walking in a larger measure of My authority.

You will see the mountains that are before move into the sea, so that they no longer be an obstacle before your path as you walk in My ways.

So, do not look to the mountains and do not look to the obstacles.
Look to Me! Then you will see Me glorify My name in your midst.

* This word is submitted by Teresa Seputis (ts@godspeak.org)
(It was origially distributed on 7-31-00)

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