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Need A Little Perspective?

Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Bible Cafe is starting an online book club! To particpate, all you need is a copy of the book and a notebook to record answers to the readers questions. Simple.

The 1st book for their online book club is entitled 'The Noticer: Sometimes All a Person Needs is a Little Perspective.'

This easy reading, 10 chapter book was written by Andy Andrews, a best-seeling author. To encourage discussion of the book, The Bible Cafe will be utilizing the Reading Guide that is included in the back of the book. :)

Here is the book reading schedule.
The first book club post will be on Sunday, October 4th.
Andrews book has nearly 500 poitive reviews at Amazon. Read some of these reviews!

Visit the home page of The Bible Cafe to find out more about their ministry.
Be sure to bookmark the site if you are going to participate; or if you would like to visit them at a later date. Go check it out!

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