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You Just Lost One!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Dear Satan,
I’m writing this letter to inform you that
Our relationship is officially done.
You just lost one.
Because for too long I’ve battled in my mind
Your voice vs God vs mine.
For too long I’ve entertained the same thoughts as Cain
Like how truthfully my flesh loves to be first.
How my pride tries to cover and hide
so I can’t see the extent of this curse.
So I’m returning all your gifts, rejecting all your myths.
See all this time I thought I had control,
But you were controlling this.
Despite me doing good works in the church,
Thinking I was a Christian, all the while allowed your spirit to lurk.
What a deception! You went to church with me!
A thought and perception, saying that I loved God louder and louder
But had a spiritual infection.
I see you’re a deceiver.
You take advantage of every weak part.
That I could come to church every week
as long as I don’t apply The Word to my heart.
We were friends because I did what you wanted me to.
I thought a little sin wouldn’t hurt.
I mean I didn’t want to sleep with you
I just thought it would be cool to flirt.
But I see you play for keeps.
Now I see The Word is true: what you sow is what you reap.
And I keep saying “I’m so blessed. I’m so blessed.”
All the while secretly giving you a kiss.
And I remember all the places we used to go.
Now, angrily, it makes me sick.
Dude, like, how you talked me into goin’ to the club.
And at first I really didn’t want to go.
I thought it wouldn’t affect me but
While I was there my lust would flair and I got hot and heavy.
Start thinkin’ about the dudes in the room
And wantin’ to ride off in their Chevy.
Or the comedy spots where we sat and laughed
Enjoyin’ ourselves all night.
We were there. We were jokin’ and mockin’ the church
Like that situation is light.
And explicit sexual content echoed through that mic
And I laughed like it was all right.
Now I know God wasn’t laughin’.
Even though you and I were on a roll.
I see it was because my heart was so numb and cold.
And in the back of my mind I thought I’d really give God 100% when I’m old.
Once I’m done having my fun,
And then I thought: what if I don’t make it past 25?
Then what? What did I live for?
And I just can’t ignore anymore this proposal from the Lord.
So I changed my number so you would no longer call
And I would no longer fall
But even though I did all that you still controlled me from afar.
I was just tryin’ to be a better person:
Stop clubbin’, stop sex, stop cursin’.
Drop friends because of greed, stop working.
But stopping things don’t rid the seed of the serpent.
It was all self-righteousness.
A righteousness I created.
It’s like using filthy rags to take bath when the truth is
My entire sin nature is bad.
And me stoppin’ those things
Never dealt with the wickedness of my heart.
If I thought someone did me wrong,
I was so quick to lash back,
all the while singin’ a praise song.’
Even though the Bible says, “Repay not evil for evil,”
I refused to believe.
And your strings got me doing things I can’t even help,
Like I’m tryin’ to love my brother
but I’m always thinking about myself.
What a curse! Like I could run up
And hug someone at church.
But because inwardly, I wanted to be first.
Didn’t realize it, but I was wishin’ them the worst.
Although the outside was clean,
The inside of the cup was filthy and mean.
So I wrestled with the conclusion:
Maybe I’ve been excluded of being able to live this Christian life.
But then I realized that sounds like your voice.
You’ve influenced so much of my life.
Those events now help me see how powerless I am.
And the reality is: there is only one way.
And before I was set free, I had to realize I was a slave.
I have no merit, no virtue, or favor with God.
It’s Christ’s poured out life blood that saves.
And I’m sick of it, my sin.
And I’ve defended it, time and time again, dead in my transgression.
But now, I’ve come up out of the grave!
I said I’ve come up out of the grave,
Because this new relationship is based solely by grace through faith.
And my life is a result of what I believe.
Since you should know the tree by the roots and the fruit,
So rather than just dress modestly, I’m checkin’ my heart, too,
Makin’ sure there’s no vanity or that I’m dressin’ to grab the attention of humanity.
Because I know what I could do
If I remained in a relationship with you.
My potential outside of Christ is extremely detrimental.
So I’m clinging on with all I’ve got.
So now when I think of all the movies we went too,
Man I get so hot!
Because Christ has won my heart
And I can’t sit there in the glory with the violence on that screen,
And even though I used to justify by saying "I never hurt anyone,"
I was being entertained by the very thing
God chose to destroy the world for in
Genesis 6.
He said the Earth was corrupted and filled with violence.
So the only reason I wasn’t destroyed, was God’s kindness.
You see you helped me build up a tower,
Like you did with Nimrod.
But I’m tearin’ it down for my God.
By the way, I’m clearin’ out my ipod.
I’m giving you back all your music.
Couldn’t see it before, this tool you were using.
Different song, different score, brought the same conclusion.
All about lust, money, self, and sex,
Yet those things are the reason Christ was put to death.
So who you using next?
Chris Brown, T-pain, Soulja Boy, Neyo, Beyonce, or Game?
Every artist’s motivation is the same:
To take my heart away from the reason Christ came.
Now I can say I’m saved all the while exalting men.
Not a fanatic for Christ because I’m a T.I. fan.
And no one, no one.
Not even Alicia Keys keys supercedes the reason Christ bleeds.
No one, no one.
Has even ever heard Alicia sing about why Christ has grieved.
And I thought her music was positive.
But when I look into The Word, Christ and Alicia are opposites.
Christ is on my mind so you won’t see me bobbin’ it.
Because He’s all I need.
I said He’s all that I need.
Because all that music was to glorify me.
Yet the reason Christ came was to mortify me, to crucify my flesh.
Not to be the Christian in Christian Dior from the video with Kanye West.
Now I see how he’s saying he’s a Christian,
Yet he’s exalting women, sex, and greed.
And I said I was just listening to the beats y’all.
I said I was just listening to the beats.
You had me so blind to the content.
I was so deceived. Didn’t realize it was Satan disguised while I was hitting repeat.
And at the same time, they were pushing repeat while my Savior was beat.
Pierced at his wrists and feet to take away these worldly lusts,
these songs that are within me.
So I confess, I’m no longer impressed with your rap lines.
“You’ll give me all your kingdoms as I bow and worship at your shrine.”
And I used to, but now I’m adopted into the vine.
So every lie you told me, like you being my homey.
That I could rep Christ as long as we kept it on the low key.
Dude, I’m done with you. And all the excuses that you gave,
Like “Living holy is a long process.”
But the truth is, you didn’t want me to change.
And I used to be a daughter of lies. You used to be my master.
But now I’m at the feet of Christ with my box of alabaster.
Because He redeemed me, set me free,
And I will spend my time, all of eternity
Learning Him. Wiping his feet with my tears.
Well, there won't be no tears in heaven.
But I will sit and give him reverence
Because I know I’m undeserving of his love.
See I am now covered in the blood of the Son.
And in case you forgot ..
I’m writing this letter to ensure you that
Our relationship is officially done.
You just lost one.
It is done. It’s done.

Listen to this POWERful poem ~ You Just Lost One ~ shared by Blair Wingo, the official poet and spokesperson for The Passion for Christ Movement - http://p4cm.com/

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