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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Are you content with your life today

Or would rather be living it some other way?

Have you done your best with what God's given you

Or wish for something that's different or new?

Contentment is not just a state of mind

But being thankful for what you find,

Has been there for you right from the start

And has brought much happiness into your heart!

What you thought you needed, just hasn't worked out

But has left you filled with frustration and doubt;

What you've had all along is what you can't live without,

And that's what contentment is all about!

Contentment will come and with blessings we'll live

When we care for others and learn how to give;

When we give God our best, and hold nothing back

We'll find we have plenty, there is nothing we lack.

Peace and contentment will be ours from the start

When we let Jesus dwell in our heart;

All our fears and our doubts, He will drive away

Then contentment and joy, with us will stay!

~~Helen Johnson

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