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Encouragement in Difficult Times ~ The POWER of HOPE

Wednesday, January 20, 2010



Feeling hopeless?

Lost your job?

Struggling with chronic pain?

Is your marriage falling apart?

Are you grieving?

Whatever you are facing,
you can find help &
HOPE in God's Word

Joyce Meyer has an assortment of timely articles,
to help you during this difficult time.

* Alone Doesn't Have to Mean Lonely

You can receive MORE encouraging articles
in each issue of Enjoying Everyday Life magazine.

The Power of HOPE

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Joyce. I am 29years old. Im going through some bad things. In the past four months., My husband of 8years had an affair while still being with me. I have been through sexual abuse 2x. My very close aunt and grandpa died. My husband and I are trying to work thibgs out with christian counsling. However if things couldnt get worse they did and two days ago I had a miscarriage. I am a women of faith been brought up to trust and belive God can heal. God can do all things. But but my trust has been smashed and my heart ripped out. And im having trouble. I prayes and watched on of your older recorded shows i have on my dvr. And of course God dosent surprise me one bit its about finding hope in troubled times and learning to live life after loss. So I looked up to see if I could find anything. Free since I dont have a job and we dont have much and I also have two small children. 7 and 1 keep my family in yout prayers. Life is hard but God can fix anything I just needed to be reminded. Thank you for your time and prayers. ~Heather