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Feeling Desperate?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Are you spiritually dry and empty?

Are you thirsty for more of God?

The Infuse podcast is designed
to help you experience personal revival.

Practical steps to reviving
your relationship with God
- each & every week!

If you are feeling desperate in your spiritual walk, then you will want to listen to Pastor Catt share from his own life and how the crises we face must drive us to God.

Listen to...
'The POWER of Desperation'

If you enjoyed the podcast by Dr. Michael Catt - 'The Power of Desperation', be sure to check out the wide selection of podcasts available at Infuse Podcast.

Dr. Michael Catt is pastor of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, GA and the author of a new book, The Power of Desperation: Breakthroughs in Our Brokenness He is also the executive director of Fireproof.

Absolutely love the description that Christian Book Distributors shares about Michael's book, 'The Power of Desperation.'

What could be good about being broken? It's the perfect time for God to empty you of "you" --- and fill you with Himself! For anyone who needs divine strength in moments of absolute weakness, Catt finds treasures at "rock bottom." Using Biblical and real life stories, he shows you how to trust when you want to panic.

At Christian Book Distributors, you can also view a promo video by Dr. Michael Watt, as well as see the table of contents, excerpt, author interview and editorial reviews.

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