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Take Courage!

Friday, January 01, 2010

(c) Pastor Timothy Satryn

Discouraged? Ready for a new year? So many people I have spoken with have told me how they couldn’t wait for 2009 to be over, that it had been the worst year they could remember.

In Jesus‘ earthly ministry, he encountered many people who, just like many of us, were so very discouraged. Some were in the midst of a catastrophe that seemingly had no way out. Some were so sick that there appeared to be no hope. Some were totally distressed, seeing no hope at all laying ahead for them. Some had lived lives so terrible that they didn’t think that God even knew they existed.

Sound familiar? Their stories are not too different than many of ours today. And, just as Jesus said to them, He says to us today – “Take Courage!”

My friend, 2010 can be your best year ever! This Sunday, I am beginning a brand new preaching series based on the many times Jesus told his followers to “take courage.”

January 3 – Take Courage!

God Is In Control! – Matthew 14:22-33

January 10 – Take Courage!

Your Future Is Secure! – John 16:16-33

January 17Take Courage!

Healing Can Be Yours! – Matthew 9:20-22

January 31Take Courage!

Your Sins Are Forgiven! – Mark 9:1-8

Don’t miss a single week of this life-changing New Year’s series!

(c) Pastor Timothy Satryn
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Take Courage!

Downloads of these sermons will be available after each week's sermon. Please bookmark the page & return each week to listen to the entire series. OR, check back once the series is complete, download the whole thing and listen to at your leisure.

In January 2009, Pastor Satryn shared an excellent series entitled 'VICTORY is MINE in 2009!' I encourage you to make time to listen to it while you wait for the 'Take Courage' series to be released.

You are also encouraged to create your own cd of the sermon; directions can be found here. What an excellent way to learn on the go ~ you can listen to it more than once, as well as pass on to a friend that needs some hope. :)

Be encouraged ~ God knows your future.
Enter the new year with Him!

Worry is pulling tomorrow's clouds
over today's sunshine.

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