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A Year That Counts!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

~ by Cindy Rushton

It's February! How is your year going? Has it been different? Have you gotten off to a good, strong start? Or...are you frustrated already with the same old stuff when you really wanted to make this year a year that counts? Don't we all count down until the New Year, hoping for something different? Hoping for change? What happens as we dig into the New Year? Do we just get into the same-old, same-old? Do we just begin to get back into our same old rut? Do we let go of the dreams that we have for the New Year...until the next year?

Sweet friend, this is THE YEAR! This year holds abundance! This year holds lavish blessings! It is not too late to make this year different from those in the past. You have a new beginning, a new start. You have a new chance! You have a new work to do!

Join Cindy as she helps you get started making this year a year that really counts!

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