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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

~ Bible Study by Kathy Howard



Meet Kathy Howard, author of God's Truth Revealed, a 12 session Bible study that takes you on a journey through the Bible, exploring who God is and why He desires a relationship with you.

Kathy will guide you very carefully and purposefully through a basic understanding of life's purpose , according to the Bible and a mixture of personal stories along the way.

This is one journey that you do not want to miss!

It will change your LIFE!!!

God’s Truth Revealed follows the story of the Bible to answer questions about life and to systematically show why a person needs a relationship with God.

God’s Truth Revealed understands that faith in God is not illogical. Historical evidence and facts are used to support creation, the reliability of the Bible, and the life of Jesus. In fact, the first lesson explores the existence of God and the meaning of faith.

Personal stories included in each session emphasize that each person’s spiritual journey is unique. God’s truth is the same, but He finds each of us where we are and then draws us to where He is.

Check out the 12 Sessions:

Session 1:  Where Do I Begin?

Session 2:  Who Is God?

Session 3:  Why Am I Here?

Session 4:  What Went Wrong?

Session 5:  How Did God Respond?

Session 6:  How Can I Be Saved?

Session 7:  How High is the Price?

Session 8:  Isn't This Too Good to be True?

Session 9:  Is There Hope for My Future?

Session 10:  What Now?

Session 11:  How Do I Get to Know God?

Session 12:  How Do I Follow God?

God's Truth Revealed also includes a churchy words dictionary, a Bible reading plan for new Christians, Scripture memory tips, 2 Scripture memory plans:  1)  The Basics 2)  A Section a Month, as well as a list of recommended resources and a Leader's Guide.

If you are wondering where to begin, the first session of God's Truth Revealed is available as a free pdf download.

(c)  Kathy Howard, author of God's Truth Revealed

You can learn more about Kathy at http://www.kathyhoward.org/

Learn more about God's Truth Revealed at http://godstruthrevealed.org/

* Special thanks to Kathy Howard and New Hope Publishers for providing me with a copy of God's Truth Revealed to review. 

ALL of this information wrapped up in one single book
Be sure to pick up a copy for yourself,
someone you know who is asking questions,
and a few for your church library...
 ~ this book is a keeper! 
~ Karla Meachem

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