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The Heart of a King Online Bible Study

Monday, March 29, 2010

By Karen Lowe

Based on the Life of King Hezekiah

Hezekiah was a king who chose to make a difference. In the early years of his reign, he was described as a man who followed hard after God.

II Kings 18:5-6 says, “Hezekiah trusted in the LORD, the God of Israel. There was no one like him among all the kings of Judah, either before him or after him. He held fast to the LORD and did not cease to follow him; he kept the commands the LORD had given Moses.” (NIV)

In this study we will be taking a closer look at this king who trusted God. We will see that, even though he sought God and trusted Him, he still made mistakes. We will discuss topics such as:

•  God’s compassion and unfailing love
•  The freedom Christ came to give us
•  God’s sovereignty
•  Contentment
•  Spiritual warfare…and more!

Please join us as we embark on a journey to know God more intimately through the study of His Word.

Online Study Begins on Tuesday, March 30th at Living Life with your teacher, Karen Lowe.

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