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Hope for the Weary in God's Waiting Room

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Buzzards are Circling,
But God’s Not Finished With Me Yet

If you have ever felt like the guy on the book cover; then you will want to read, 'The Buzzards are Circling, But God's Not Finished With Me Yet.'

We all experience challenging events and situations that encircle us, eyeing us as prey and swooping down to cause hurt and heartache...
BUT, no matter what form these buzzards may take,
the pain we experience is universal.

Take a Peek at the Chapter Titles:

1.  When Your World Crumbles, You Don't Have to be One of the Crumbs
     (You Can Survive Your Situation)

2.  Life is Full of Uncertainty...But I Could be Wrong About That
     (Gaining Confidence in Tough Times)

3.  God Created the World in Six Days and Did Not Once Ask for My Advice!
     (Letting God Take Control of the Situation)

4.  Hold the Phone!  Can't We Talk About This First, Lord?
     (God Uses Testing Times as Building Times)

5.  When the Fountain of Youth Has Rusted
     (Learning to Cope With Life's Challenges)

6.  Don't Take My Plate Just Yet; I'm Getting Up Enough Courage to Finish the Broccoli
     (Surviving the Lean and Mean Times)

7.  Everything Isn't Relative; I've Also Got Some Good Friends
     (Good Relationships Help Us Through Tough Times)

8.  Help, I've Fallen and I Don't Want to Get Up
     (Settling the Issues That Hinder Healing)

9.  I Know I Am Lost, But the Scenery is Spectatcular!
     (Finding the Purpose in the Problem)

10.  The Undertaker May Be Smiling; But God's Not Finished With Me Yet
       (Finding Hope Above the Hardship)

Because while the buzzards may try to finish us off,
God is just getting started.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

God Has Never Failed Me,
but He’s Sure Scared Me to Death a Few Times       
Have you ever been in God's waiting room?

Do you struggle to be patient while you wait?

Don't you sometimes wish that God would move on your timetable, instead of His?

Take a Peek at These Chapter Titles:

1.  Pinto Beans and Fried Bologna - Now That's a Feats of Faith

2.  Who Signed Me Up for the Whole Day?

3.  I've Discovered the Answers to Life and Death - Now If I Could Just Figure Out All That Stuff In Between

4.  Hey, Who Stuck That Fork in My Road?

5.  What Problem?  I Went to a Whole Lot of Trouble to Get This Way

6.  Are You Undesirable, Unmentionable, or Totally Undone?

7.  Coping With Life When You Can't Even Figure Out Your Computer

8.  Humor Keeps Getting in the Way of My Depression

9.  All May Be Fair in Love and War, But Not Much in Life Is!

10.  When the Going Gets Tough; the Tough Get Challenged

11.  I've Gone to Look for Myself.  If I Return Before I Get Back, Ask Me to Wait

12.  Life's Adventure in Wonderland

13.  Never Check Your Oil When Parked on a Hill

14.  When Nothing's Happening; Something's Happening

15.  Okay God, If You're Listening; Why Aren't You Answering?

 Offers hope and peace for the weary, waiting heart.

Discover a GOD who is ALWAYS faithful,
WORTHY of our trust,
and NEVER late with His Help.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ 

As you can see by the book and chapter titles, author Stan Toler has an incredible sense of humour and a unique way of taking a light-hearted look at some of life's more serious and challenging subjects.

What I loved most about Stan Toler's approach in writing is that he directs the reader's focus to a loving, faithful God who offers peace in our pain, hope in our hardships, and purpose in our storm.

Both of these books will be an encouragement to those with a troubled heart.

~ Karla Meachem

Be sure to visit Stan Toler's website at http://www.stantoler.com/  where you can sign up for his free leadership newsletter, as well as find out more about his books, resources and listen to his sermons.  LOTS of great stuff to encourage, equip and empower your walk with Christ!

I received both these books free from The B & B Media Group Inc. book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissio's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonies in Advertising."

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