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Want a Better Marriage? Respect Your Husband.

Monday, March 08, 2010

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Want a Better Marriage?
Cincinnati, Ohio Author Makes Indiana Publisher’s Top 10 List with Controversial Approach to Marriage: Respect Your Husband

3/4/10 Cincinnati, Ohio—With 50 percent of all marriages ending in divorce, more and more couples are focusing their attentions on finding ways to ensure that their marriages don’t become just another statistic. As a result, increasing numbers of couples are turning to counseling, therapy and seminars, seeking the answer to a happy and healthy marriage.

One Cincinnati expert says an approach that is working, healing and strengthening many marriages across the Tri-State, is also one that some professionals might argue is archaic, passé’ and even male chauvinistic.

“In our society today the notion that wives should respect their husbands is viewed as ‘old-school’ and not ‘progressive’,” says Nina Roesner, Executive Director of Greater Impact Ministries. “The reality is, much like government and industry need leaders such as Presidents and CEOs, so does the societal institution of marriage, and because our course is biblically-based, we believe the leader in a marriage is the husband,” added Roesner.

But Roesner is careful to point out to that doesn’t mean husbands have the right to abuse their wives in any way. “Just the converse, we teach women how important strength, self-esteem and dignity are to a successful marriage, and how wives can play an instrumental role in helping their husbands lead with humility and love. These are the core, foundational principles taught in our courses.” This is also the premise for the #7 selling book for the Indiana based publisher, IUniverse, entitled, The Respect Dare®, written by Ms. Roesner.

Roesner argues that modern ideals of marriage have actually undermined the institution, leading to even more divorces nationwide. “The problem is everywhere we look, we’re bombarded with images and messages telling us that marriage is all about self and self-fulfillment, and as such, if your needs aren’t being met, it’s time to move on. Seldom do you hear the Biblical instruction that reads, ‘And the wife must respect her husband.’ Even women who do hear that still struggle with how to implement it in their own marriages.” Roesner says she got the idea for her book through the Daughters of Sarah™ training course she teaches, combined with the book released last year, The Love Dare®. “If you’ve seen the movie, Fireproof®, you see Kirk Cameron acting out this love dare and doing a fabulous job portraying two things: Christ dying for the church, and a husband laying down his life for his wife. I wanted to provide women with a “dare” they could take based on what we know works to enrich their marriage. The book is a combination of real life stories from the Daughters of Sarah™ course, and a devotional experience that guides the women through increasing intimacy with both their husband and God. And while some people may think the principles we’re teaching are outdated and old-fashioned, the reality is…they work. If you don’t think respect is important to men, ask them and see what they tell you.”

Roesner, through her course: “Daughters of Sarah™,” has helped many Tri-State wives. Her next course is slated for fall 2010 at Hope Church in Mason , Ohio , but there’s an on-going online Respect Dare® E-Course available now as well. To find out more about the upcoming programs, log onto http://www.greaterimpact.org/ . Her book, The Respect Dare®, is available on both Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com.

About The Respect Dare

The Respect Dare® teaches women how to respect their husbands. Men consistently communicate to us and their wives the difference respect makes in their lives; in their marriages and in how they view their own worth as men. Over and over again, following our workshops we hear husbands declare that their wives' faith has inspired them to become better men and fathers. The Respect Dare® provides Christian wives with real-life stories of options that increase their intimacy with their husband, help them learn to speak the language of respect, and deepens their connection with God. It is available on both Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com.


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Learn to speak the language of respect in your marriage with us: http://www.TheRespectDare.com  E-Course ... a community of wives who follow Christ doing The Respect Dare together! Want to do this in your church? Contact us!

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