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1st Annual Virtual Women's Summit

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

1st Annual Virtual Women's Summit

presented by Quelynn, Inc

May 3-7, 2010

Guest Speakers Include:

*  Minister Sandra Hersey

*  Prophetess Tera C. Hodges

*  Stephanie Gordon

*  Dawn The Self-Esteem Queen

*  Peggy Reeves

*  Life Empowerment Coach Armetria M. Charles

Online Summit Includes:  free giveaways, blogs, Power Point presentations, audio & video messages and more!
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The purpose of this virtual women’s summit is to build an empowerment network for women by women. Our goal is to reach masses of women with hopes that their lives will be impacted and prompted to excel at even greater level of success in life, love, faith, and focus.

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The mission of Quelynn, Inc. is to catapult women to their wealthy place by providing spiritual and natural resources and training that builds confidence, ignites passion, and defines purpose.

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