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Confessions of an Apathetic Pastor's Wife

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

(c)  Sandi Brown

What happens when you no longer care about serving God?

Have you ever felt like skipping your daily devotional or prayer time? Have you ever wanted to stay home instead of going to church? Have you ever felt numb during worship, almost as if you weren’t actually there? If you have, then you have had apathy knocking at your door.

Apathy is defined as “the absence or suppression of passion, emotion or excitement.” In our spiritual lives, it refers to a lack of emotion and passion for God.

So what happens when a pastor’s wife becomes apathetic about serving God?  Read the complete article.

(c)  Sandi Brown is a writer and speaker from Bloomfield, Indiana. She and her husband, Kirk, have been pastors at Refuge Assembly of God for the last seven years.
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Apathy doesn't just happen to those in ministry...
  Have you become apathetic?


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