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From Drained to Dreaming

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Dream Zone/Ministry: 10-6

•God calls us to live here.

•This is where you are hitting on all cylinders.

•We love what we are doing.

•We are always asking, “What’s next?”

•You still have bad days but they don’t ruin your day.

The Drained Zone/Tired: 5-2

•You are always tired.

•You are always stressed.

•You can’t enjoy the big days because you believe it’s just going to drop next week.

•You are Pessimistic.

•You goal is to just keep the plates spinning.

•You tell yourself that things are gonna slow down soon.

When in this zone you face 4 dangers:

      Pride - You think, “I’ve got to do more. Be first.
                 Nobody can do it as good as me.”

     Fear - You think, “Everything’s gonna fall apart.”

    Insecurity - You think, “Maybe I can’t do this.”

   Burn Out - This is where you quit or disqualify yourself from ministry.

NOTE: It takes a LIFE altering decision to get out of the drained zone.

Danger Zone: 2-0

•At this point a person usually falls Financially or Sexually.

•When you get here, only repentence will save you.

•At this stage you think, “I hope nobody catches me.”

I believe Gods plan is for all of us to function in the Dream Zone.

However, most of us are living in the Drained Zone.

What LIFE altering decision do you need to make
 to get out of the Drained Zone and into the Dream Zone?

If you need to find out how to go from drained to dreaming, you can read more in the following posts:

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*  The posts were written for Pastors and those in leadership/ministry, but everyone can apply the concept to their own lives and make necessary changes.  Excellent food for thought! 

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