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Pray 4 Your Block: Mobilizing God's People To Pray

Friday, May 14, 2010

Imagine what could happen if your community was covered in prayer!

*  Prayer will open your eyes to what God is doing in your neighborhood.

*  Prayer will ready you to act as He moves in your neighborhood.

*  Prayer will prepare your neighbors to experience the transforming love and power of Christ.

* All this happens as a result of your prayers!

Pray4YourBlock is a wonderful resource to help mobilize your congregation to pray for the neighborhoods where they already live. Imagine what could happen if the communities you are trying to reach were covered in prayer!

All you need to do is take a few minutes to register at Pray4YourBlock. Once you do, a "prayer flag" will be posted on a Google Map that will indicate your home as one committed to praying for your block. Your willingness to post a flag will help connect other pray-ers to intercede together for your neighborhood. 

You will find some helpful links on the Resources page of the Pray4YourBlock site that will get you started or keep you going as you intercede for your neighbors.

This site can be used all over the world! You can invite other cities and friends around the globe to join in. Saturate your community with prayer by inviting your congregation to Pray4YourBlock.

It all starts with you raising your prayer flag today!

1. Go to Pray4YourBlock.org

2. Register your name and password

3. Post a (virtual) prayer flag at your address.

4. Pray

5. Spread the word and get others to Pray 4 Your Block!

"And this Message of salvation
spread like wildfire
all through the region."
  ~  Acts 13:49

* Thanks to MultiSite Solutions for sharing about this excellent free resource! 

 Put your community on the map!

MultiSite Solutions exists to maximize the redemptive potential of local churches through intensive and insightful multi-site consultation. As pioneers and seasoned practitioners in the multi-site movement, we can help you develop and implement a customized multi-site strategy for your church.  Our seasoned team of specialists can help you fully develop the redemptive potential of your church by adding value, networking resources, building relationships, multiplying impact.

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