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Friday, July 30, 2010

Thursday, September 09, 2010 at 11:30 AM (ET)


will be sharing
that has really been a game changer
in their life and their ministry.

Leadership Network will be releasing speaker names little by little,
but the first batch includes:

 Perry Noble, Rick Warren, Francis Chan, Alan Hirsch, Eugene Cho,
Kem Meyer, Ed Stetzer, Greg Surratt, Stacy Spencer, Leonard Sweet,
Sam Chand, Jaeson Ma, and Brad Lomenick.

You are invited to attend The NINES

Thanks to their sponsors!

Totally Online ~ go check it out!!!

Thursday, September 09, 2010 at 11:30 AM (ET)

(c) Leadership Network
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To Save a LIFE

Thursday, July 29, 2010

To Save A LIFE Week

Watch TO SAVE A LIFE movie trailer.
 This powerful Christian movie deals with some of the REAL-LIFE challenges
that teens are facing today,as well as their choices.
Written by youth pastor, Jim Britts.
You can find out more about TO SAVE A LIFE at:


Contest ends August 3rd, 2010

Christianbook.com is celebrating
the upcoming DVD release of
the inspiring feature film,
To Save A Life!

They are giving away 5 DVD players!!!

Enter the contest. 
(Open to US residents ONLY)
(c)  Christianbook.com  and ToSaveALifeMovie.com

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"It is not left to us to crucify the flesh or self-life;
that was done for us in Christ's death.
But it remains for us to reckon it to be true for us.

As we take that ground in faith,
the Holy Spirit will make it true in experience,
and we shall be emancipated from
the dominance of fleshly desires."

~ J. Oswald Sanders

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Church Executive Magazine

Church Executive magazine, a monthly magazine is written and edited for senior pastors, executive pastors and business administrators of America’s large, Christian churches.

Church Executive focuses on topics such as stewardship, finance, human resources, risk management, fund raising, capital campaigns, worship center design and construction, taxes, legal issues and non-profit governance.

In addition to a monthly magazine delivered in both print and digital format,
Church Executive produces a bi-monthly electronic newsletter
and maintains a dynamic website, churchexecutive.com.

Their mission ~
helping church leaders
become better stewards!

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"I live in a broken world
with broken people
 who will frequently
break my heart.

I am deeply loved by God."

~  David Roper

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My name is Pride. I am a cheater.

I cheat you of your God-given destiny...
because you demand your own way.

I cheat you of contentment...
because you "deserve better than this."

I cheat you of knowledge...
because you already know it all.

I cheat you of healing...
because you're too full of me to forgive.

I cheat you of holiness...
because you refuse to admit when you're wrong.

I cheat you of vision...
because you'd rather look in the mirror than out a window.

I cheat you of genuine friendship...
because nobody's going to know the real you.

I cheat you of love...
because real romance demands sacrifice.

I cheat you of greatness in heaven...
because you refuse to wash another's feet on earth.

I cheat you of God's glory...
because I convince you to seek your own.

My name is Pride.
I am a cheater.

You like me because you think I'm always looking out for you.


God has so much for you, I admit.
But don't worry...

If you stick with me,
you'll never know.

~ Author Unknown

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Why Has the Jesus Movement Stopped Moving?

A Radically Revolutionized Call to Revival

Watch the video trailer for Reborn to Be Wild

Ed Underwood wants the world to know that God is calling His people to revival in radical and revolutionary ways. Rather than remaining mired up in the busyness of maintaining a financial portfolio and the chaos of a schedule packed with meetings, rehearsals, and Bible studies, Underwood believes Christians are being called to lay down the things that steal their focus from Christ and commit to a revival spirit that hearkens back to the Jesus Movement of the 60s. Reborn to Be Wild: Reviving Our Radical Pursuit of Jesus presents a unique and compelling challenge to Christians who want to obey the call of Christ and reach the world with the message of the gospel.

Reborn to Be Wild is a message from the heart of the Jesus Movement. Underwood trusted Christ during the early part of the movement, and he feels that the passion and boldness accompanying that period of radical outreach has become ensnared within the abundance of today’s mega-culture. Underwood believes that there are millions from the 60s and 70s embedded in today’s church congregations who are now alarmed at the growing irrelevancy of their lives and their churches. He states that these believers “think they are alone in their discontent with their megachurch Christianity and their mediocre, unexceptional, unexciting lives, but they’re not. This is the book that will express their feelings and show them the way to finish, rekindle, and personally experience what the Jesus Movement started forty years ago.” However, this book is not just for the 60s generation. Underwood wants believers old and young to steep their lives in the Word of God and find out what Jesus wants them to do for Him. He is convinced that by doing this one thing God’s people will feel compelled to sacrificially lay down their lives and once again reach out to the world with the love and unity that reflects Christ’s radically transforming power.

Reborn to Be Wild will guide both individuals and small groups to take an in-depth look into their lives and enable them to determine what has sidetracked their passion for following Jesus. Whether it’s church activities, relationships, or theology, Underwood suggests that there are many lies that believers have accepted as truth, and, as a result, they have lost their passion for living lives devoted to serving Jesus. His latest book takes a close and honest look at the reasons an entire generation of spiritual revolutionaries have settled for political safety and the shelter of the suburbs. Reborn to Be Wild is calling the radical believers who started the revival of the 60s back to the fire that once burned within their hearts. “We had a front row seat to the raw power of God,” says Ed Underwood. His book is the call encouraging these believers and others desiring revival to rekindle that fire and renew their passion to change the world for Jesus Christ.

Underwood also offers five simple truths the “Jesus Freaks” believed that could become a roadmap for revival today.

Reborn to Be Wild by Ed Underwood

David C Cook/June 1, 2010/ISBN 978-1-4347-0017-9/318 pages/softcover/$14.99

*  Thank you to Ed Underwood and The B&B Media Group
for the complimentary copy of Reborn to Be Wild.

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FREE 12 Week, 24 Webinar Series...Casting God's VISIONS for the Next Decade

Monday, July 26, 2010

It's been prophesied that 2010 is the year of vision casting for the next decade.
God is pouring new wine into new wine skins.
The old ways and old wine skins are no longer adequate.
There is a new way of doing business and ministry.

EVERY Tuesday and Thursday

2:00 PM Eastern

* starting Tuesday July 27, 2010

God's Vision For RENEWING FAMILY (7 Days)

1) God's Vision For Renewing Your Mind (July 27)

2) God's Vision For Renewing Marriage (July 29)

3) God's Vision For Renewing Men (Aug 3)

4) God's Vision For Renewing Women (Aug 5)

5) God's Vision For Renewing The Youth (Aug 10)

6) God's Vision For Renewing Finances (Aug 12)

7) God's Vision For Renewing Wellness (Aug 17)
God's Vision For RENEWING WORK (7 Days)
8) God's Vision For Simplicity (Aug 19)

9) God's Vision For The Workplace (Aug 24)

10) God's Vision For Entrepreneurs (Aug 26)

11) God's Vision For Filmmaking (Aug 31)

12) God's Vision For Ministries (Sep 2)

13) God's Vision For Leaders (Sep 7)

14) God's Vision For City and Nation Transformation (Sep 9)

15) God's Vision For Prayer (Sep 14)

16) God's Vision For Social Media (Sep 16)

17) God's Vision For Music (Sep 21)

18) God's Vision For The Arts (Sep 23)

19) God's Vision For Coaching (Sep 28)

20) God's Vision For Seminars and Webinars (Sep 30)

21) God's Vision For Media (Oct 5)

22) God's Vision For The Jews And Israel (Oct 7)

23) God's Vision For Millionaires and Billionaires (Oct 12)

24) God's Vision For The Great Commission (Oct 14)
(c)  Joseph Peck, M.D.
Founder & Executive Director of Webinars 777
Community Transformation Specialist
Changing lives and discipling nations


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FREE WEBINAR with Beth Jones and Tara McClenahan

Tuesday, July 27
11 a.m. Central Time
Session 1:  
"Live Your Legacy Today"
 ~ with Tara McClenahan
•  Living a legacy that starts with your heart
•  Evaluate the influence you have on your family
•  Be intentional about shaping your children's spiritual development

Session 2: 
"What's the point?
Finding and fulfilling your purpose"
 ~ with Beth Jones
•  Do I really matter? Does my life have any real significance?!
•  What is my life's purpose? What are the keys to my purpose?
God has a great plan for you beyond your wildest dreams!
•  What is the most important thing I can ever achieve for God?
(c)  Beth Jones ~ http://www.bethjones.net/

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

I woke up thinking how effective a flash light is
without fresh batteries for power.

It made me wonder how effective Christians are
 without fresh power from the Holy Spirit.

Let's get recharged!!!

(c)  Cathy Payne Alford

Visit the website for LifeWorks Resource Group

Connect with Cathy on Facebook

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True Religion: Are You Ready to Give Your Life Away?

Friday, July 23, 2010

A challenge to change and be changed.

Watch the book trailer for True Religion.

A rising voice in the missional movement, Palmer Chinchen is passionate about creating a fresh desire among Christ-followers to reach out to a hurting world. His latest book, True Religion: Taking Pieces of Heaven to Places of Hell on Earth, examines the idea of living a life sacrificially poured out for Christ. Chinchen believes that those who are willing to give their lives away to change the world will find their own lives changed forever through that process. He challenges believers to love the Lord with all their mind and soul, with all their strength and heart, and as this love is poured into the work of Christ, believers will experience God moving them in a unique direction that will carry them into new and exciting areas of service.

Drawing from his experiences while growing up in Liberia, West Africa, and later Malawi, Chinchen speaks with authority about the needs facing our world today. His memories of the ravages of war and disease, as well as the effects of extreme poverty, fuel Chinchen’s desire to see God’s people become passionate about reaching beyond their comfortable church pew and reaching out to those in need all over the world. As believers learn what it means to pour their lives out for Christ, they will, in turn, show the world a true reflection of God’s heart for His creation and open doors that will enable the truth of the gospel to reach untold numbers of people for Christ. Believers will also find that they are truly living life as God intended and that the risks, the passion, and the rewards of following Christ are more exciting and fulfilling than they ever dreamed.

Chinchen has spent most of his adult life leading groups of people on global ministry experiences all over the world. He is convinced that the church can be radically transformed if they will dare to give their lives away for Christ. True Religion is his challenge to God’s people to join in a global missional movement and change the world. He is particularly passionate about eliminating poverty, ending the unjust treatment of women ensnared in the slave trade, and eradicating malaria. He feels these goals and many others are not only possible but also represent the beginning of what God’s church can and should do. Making an eternal difference in the souls of men begins by reaching out to them where they are. True Religion does indeed take pieces of heaven to places of hell on earth.

When asked to summarize his book in one simple statement, Chinchen answers, “When you give your life away to change this world, God will change you.”

David C Cook will be sponsoring the “True Religion Missions Trip Scholarship” June 1-October 31. The winner will receive $1,000 to apply towards a short term mission trip. For more information, visit http://www.truereligionbook.com/.

True Religion: Taking Pieces of Heaven to Places of Hell on Earth
by Palmer Chinchen

David C Cook/June 1, 2010/ISBN 978-0-7814-0343-6/208 pages/softcover/$14.99


* Thank you, thank you, thank you to Palmer Chinchen and The B & B Media Group
for the complimentary copy of True Religion: 
 Taking Pieces of Heaven to Places of Hell on Earth

I'm giving my life away to change this world; how about you?

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What Our Churches NEED To Be

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Please make a point to watch this video:
Welcome to Our Church
  POWERFUL video
 made by

*  Special thanks to Paul Cobb for sharing this video on facebook.

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Destined by Patricia Haley is the second novel in the Chosen series, inspired by the popular biblical kings David and Solomon.

Don, the eldest son and rightful heir to the ministry, returns from South Africa after three years of self-imposed exile. With a renewed zeal to reclaim the leadership of his late father’s multi-million dollar ministry, his plans are short-lived when a stock transfer agreement goes wrong, rendering Don powerless. Don’s little brother Joel continues as CEO, careening down the path of personal, professional, and spiritual demise, as he drags the ministry down with him. The only hope to save their father’s legacy is Don’s intervention, and so clinging to his self-worth and faith, Don is torn between fighting for a company he wasn’t chosen to run and fleeing back to his South African refuge, a place where his peace, his growing relationship with Naledi, and his dignity aren’t in question. After much soul searching, Don comes to realize that his destiny is inescapable and that his future lies in his family’s legacy.

Combining spiritual themes with
family tension, corporate intrigue, and romance,
this series is an exciting addition
to the faith-based fiction market.

About the Author: 

PATRICIA HALEY is the trailblazing, #1 Essence bestselling author of seven faith-based, novels, including Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, No Regrets, and Chosen. She’s a project manager with degrees from Stanford University and the University of Chicago. She is a born again believer and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Patricia lives with her husband and daughter in Philadelphia.

or become a fan of Author Patricia Haley on Facebook.

* A complimentary copy of this book was provided to me as a blog tour host by the author in exchange for posting this interview on my blog. Please visit Christian Speaker Services at http://www.christianspeakerservices.com/ for more information about blog tour management services.
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Excellent Offer from christianaudio!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ONLY Until July 31st!

christianaudio is offering the 1st hour of  Joni's new audiobook,
read by Joni herself, as a FREE download
 ~ ONLY until July 31st!

A Place of Healing: 
Wrestling with the Mysteries of Suffering, Pain, and God's Sovereignty
~ written and read by Joni Eareckson Tada

Over four decades ago, a diving accident left Joni a quadriplegic. Today, she faces a new battle: unrelenting pain. The ongoing urgency of this season in her life has caused Joni to return to foundational questions about suffering and God’s will. A Place of Healing is not an ivory tower treatise on suffering. Its an intimate look into the life of a mature woman of God. Whether readers are enduring physical pain, financial loss, or relational grief, Joni invites them to process their suffering with her.


for only $2.98 until July 31st.

no coupon code required

(c)  christianaudio - the largest online collection of Christian audiobooks

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Monday, July 19, 2010

The greatest threat facing the local church
isn't from any outside source,
but rather the sheer apathy
of those inside the church.

~ Jonathan Pearson

Have you become apathetic?

(c)  Jonathan Pearson - 'a comman man's journey to uncommon faith'
     Connect with Jonathan on Facebook and on Twitter.

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FREE Webinar: Understanding Poverty and It's Effects on Leadership

Framework for Understanding Poverty
  and Its Effects on Leadership and Learning

Presented by Rebecca and Jim Holland

Weds. July 21, 2010


How is leadership impacted when poverty is present?

How are teachers, mentors and leaders accepted in impoverished states?

This session will explore the dynamics of poverty and how relationships,
hidden rules, and formal versus casual language
all impact education, teaching and leadership.

We will review findings from Dr. Ruby Payne’s research
and discuss how leaders can build relationships.

(c)  Lead Change Group - The Lead Change Group is a peer-based open-source leadership community dedicated to applying character-based leadership to make a positive difference. 

We connect people who share a passion for making a positive difference through character-based leadership. We enable those people to create and share ideas, collaborate and encourage one another and receive feedback in a friendly environment designed to promote the ideas over the individuals. Finally, we apply our leadership, in our workplaces, or our communities, with our clients, friends or our families – any way we can raise the leadership bar.

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The ABC's of Sister Friendship ~ FREE e-book

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A tribute to one of the most
 intimate relationships on earth…

The ABC's of Sister Friendship
(c)  Unleash Your Destiny - Meet Kathleen Mailer (CEO), Canada's Leading Authority on Self-Publishing, Intinerant Pastor, Author, Philanthropist and Business Coach.  She has helped thousands of uncommon Authors, Coaches, Trainers, and Leaders in Business package their vast amount of knowledge (message) into information vehicles that effectively transform their clients' lives.

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A Stander's Affirmation

Saturday, July 17, 2010


I will not give up, give in, give out or give over 'til that healing takes place. I made a vow, I said the words, I gave the pledge, I gave a ring, I took a ring, I gave myself, I trusted GOD, and said the words, and meant the words... in sickness and in health, in sorrow and in joy, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in good times and in bad...so I am standing NOW, and will not sit down, let down, slow down, calm down, fall down, look down or be down 'til the breakdown is torn down!

I refuse to put my eyes on outward circumstances, or listen to prophets of doom, or buy into what is trendy, worldly, popular, convenient, easy, quick, thrifty, or advantageous... nor will I settle for a cheap imitation of God's real thing, nor will I seek to lower God's standard, twist God's will, rewrite God's word, violate God's covenant, or accept what God hates, namely divorce!

In a world of filth, I will stay pure; surrounded by lies I will speak the truth; where hopelessness abounds, I will hope in God: where revenge is easier, I will bless instead of curse; and where the odds are stacked against me, I will trust in God's faithfulness.

I am a STANDER, and I will not acquiesce, compromise, quarrel or quit.. I have made the choice, set my face, entered the race, believed the Word, and trusted God for all the outcome.

I will allow neither the reaction of my spouse, nor the urging of my friends, nor the advice of my loved ones, nor economic hardship, nor the prompting of the devil to make me let up, slow up, blow up, or give up 'til my marriage is healed.

~  Author Unknown

Download a Printable Version:

*  Shared at Rejoice Marriage Ministries
 ~ A Spiritual Trauma Center for Marriages
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God's Story ~ FREE Christian Audiobook Download

* Another FREE Christian audiobook download from christianaudio!!!

Discover in the
Gospel of John
the amazing ways
our stories
intersect with
God's Story.

God's Story
Told By John by Crossway

God's Story includes a collection of short scenes that teach us to love, listen, and abide in Christ while living an authentic Christian life.

As you come alongside your friends, you can help them connect Their Stories with God's Story. God's Story, My Story (that's yours) and Their Story (that's your friend's) and see how they all overlap.  (3Story)

3Story is a way of life that guides followers of Christ to be good news while telling the stories of the Good News. 

For more info about 3Story, visit http://www.3story.org/.

(c)  christianaudio.com ~ The Largest Online Collection of Christian Audiobooks

christianaudio has an ever-growing directory of FREE interviews with popular and best-selling Christian authors that may interest you!

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Forgive Me

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Forgive Me ~ Rebecca St. James
So do not fear, for I am with you;
do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
~ Isaiah 41:10
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Catalyst Podcast

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Catalyst Podcast features an impressive collection of 100 podcast interviews
with leadership authors and experts in the areas of business and church ministry. 

The podcast stems from the Catalyst Conference
which is a Christian leadership conference
that features many of the speakers that are interviewed on the podcast.

A true gem of a podcast!

Become a better leader
in EVERY area of your life
with the Catalyst Podcast.

(c)  Learn Out Loud - Your one-stop destination for audio and video learning. 
Browse OVER 20,000 educational audio books, MP3 downloads, podcasts, and videos.

Visit their blog:

Follow Learn Out Loud on twitter:

Become a fan of Learn Out Loud on Facebook: 
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What the Bible is All About for Moms Blog Tour

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

About Kathy Pride:

First, a little bit about me and how this book came to be…

So, let’s chat. I love chatting! And meeting new people, especially moms.

I am a mom, I have a mom, and I have worked with moms for years as a childbirth educator. And my writing style is much like my teaching style, telling things like they are with truth, humor and transparency.

I hated it when the instructor told me in Lamaze class that the contractions wouldn’t hurt. That was simply not true. And I vowed then and there that everything I did in life had to be truthful, but that sometimes the truth hurts so humor tempers lots.

Anyway, I have four kids, two adult sons, 28 and 25 and two younger daughters, eleven and thirteen, and for those who wonder about the gap, our third child was actually the only one truly, truly planned for the time she arrived, as she was adopted and brought home from Vietnam at five months of age.

My husband and I have been married for almost thirty years and met in college and have hung in and on ever since. We live in a small town in Central PA where he is a physician and I spend most of my time after three pm in the car.

The opportunity to write this book came to be as a result of a totally divine happenstance conversation I had with editor extraordinaire and grace dispenser Kim Bangs who invited me to submit a concept sheet and then proposal for this book.

Well, what about that soft spot for moms?

Moms have a tough job, don’t you think?

We do have the Bible, and not to minimize that as an instruction manual in right living by any stretch of the imagination, but it tends to come in after friends and family and all their free advice, that can be pretty costly…

So the question arose, how can we take Biblical wisdom and stories, role models and examples, and weave them into relevant (and funny) stories to encourage moms? I know I need encouragement! Everyone else’s kids may be perfect, but mine are NOT. And, shocker, neither am I. But guess what? Neither were many of the moms, ok, all of the moms in the Bible. Remember, Jesus has the corner on the market in the perfection department, so God has provided lots of examples of moms and how they dealt with different situations, similar to what current day moms deal with. Truly, there is nothing new under the sun. But, the story of the Bible is one of redemption, and moms need to remember that.

About the Book:

So, the opening story for Genesis, is titled, “E is for Eve and Epidurals.”

So, tell us a little bit about how the book is laid out, and who is Henrietta Mears?

The book is inspired by the writing of Henrietta Mears, renowned Bible Teacher from Hollywood Presbyterian Church in the 1940’s and on. She believed in making the Bible accessible to everyone, and wrote her hallmark publication, What the Bible is All About, and was the founder of Gospel Light Publishing, Regal’s (the publisher of this book) parent company. So Regal has now published two devotionals inspired by her writing.

The book is comprised of 66 chapters,
one for each book of the Bible,
each one bit sized for busy moms.

Each chapter starts off with a brief section entitled “Snapshot from Henrietta” which serves as a basic overview for that particular book of the Bible. It is then followed by selected Scriptures, also inspired by the writing of Miss Mears, with one specific Scripture from among her selections highlighted. This Scripture is one that has particular relevance to moms.

A short one sentence synopsis precedes each story under the heading, “Momento” and then is followed by the story under the heading, “Mama Mia” which focuses on a mom or mom theme.

Each story is followed by an encouragement, “Lightening the Mother Load” and then closes with questions for reflection under “Musings for Moms.”

Tell us a little about the stories; some of these titles make me laugh.

I am so glad they make you laugh. Every mom who has gone through labor can relate to labor pain. Well, it says there right in the Bible, women will experience pain in childbirth, so E is for Eve (the grande dame mama) and epidurals…

Then there are others, like, “Bath”-Is That for Bathing or Bathsheba? (Being noticed and admired…); “White Teeth and Plastic Surgery” (paying attention to appearances); “Mean Girls 101” (raising great daughters); and “Too Much Idling Will Ruin Your Engine” (Gossiping).

But the stories are relevant, honest, and will result in many nods of recognition. I am simply the scribe (oh, and experiencer of most of the stories, which are all true, although some names have been changed….)

But aren’t Moms too busy to read?

I will be the first mom to admit that we are busy…and I often fall asleep at night, sometimes drooling, while trying to read. But these chapters are bite sized, uplifting and include lots of Scripture, and can be read on the go. They are great for the car or purse. Plus, with the Bible overview, if you have friends who don’t think the Bible is particularly relevant, or not for them, this is perfect to introduce them to the Bible as the real deal!

Is this for all moms, or just young moms?

The challenges that moms face are really universal throughout their lifetime. It may be a different story, but ultimately it is the same script. It may be sleepless nights with a colicky baby, but problems and not understanding what is wrong continues with your kids through a lifetime (sorry, if you have young kids you probably didn’t just want to read this…)

It includes single moms, young moms, older moms, and moms who aren’t yet moms. There are struggles in yearning to be a mom and God’s answers and timing that are also written about with bittersweet honesty.

Have you had experience with tough times in parenting?

Absolutely. But because God is in the grand business of redemption, while it doesn’t condone wrongs, He will use mistakes to help us reach out to others. I have experienced crisis pregnancy, pregnancy loss, infertility, adoption and motherhood as a young fool, and older fogie…remember, we have seventeen years between number one and four. Our adult sons have had struggles (one son’s struggle with substance abuse is what paved the way to my relationship with Christ) and just real life issues, which would make it into my annual Christmas letter, and is why I no longer write one (no, I write a book instead…)

How has this book been redemptive to you?

That’s a great question, because the first draft of this manuscript was, well, a little let’s just say, sharp (ok, downright caustic in some places) and that showed me, through the eyes of another, that I still had significant healing to go through in my relationship with my own mother. And it is amazing how God has accomplished that, through allowing me to write, re write and then learn from Him through the writing of this book.

What kind of feedback have you had so far?

You know, it’s been really encouraging. Moms are relieved that they are not alone, that there is someone else who will acknowledge that they don’t have it all together (and don’t drive a clean car, either…) I have had so many women remark that they felt like I was just chatting with them over coffee, that the stories are so real to life. And that’s what we need isn’t it? Encouragement from others that we journey through life together, God loves us, will redeem our mistakes, and then enable us to share with the next sojourner on the journey of life.

What else would you like to share?

I would love for people to join the conversation, come stop by for a visit at my web site: www.kathypride.com, also known as The Mennonite Diva. Friend me on Facebook, although there I listed my “full” name for some unknown reason, Katherine Pride (so formal) follow my blog on the home page of my website, and just hang out.

Wait just one minute…did you say Mennonite Diva? Tell me about that.

Sure. First of all, my message of encouragement to women is that they all need to release their Inner Diva’s. They are Divinely Chosen, Inspiring, Valued and Amazing. I worship at a Mennonite Church where I also serve as the Outreach and Missions Director, and I love pink and having fun. So please drop by!

Follow Kathy Pride on Facebook: 

Follow Kathy Pride on Twitter:

A complimentary copy of this book was provided to me as a blog tour host by the author in exchange for posting this interview on my blog. Please visit Christian Speaker Services at www.ChristianSpeakerServices.com for more information about blog tour management services.
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An Inside Look at Logos CMS Webinar

Monday, July 12, 2010

Christian Computing Magazine is pleased to announce
another exciting webinar planned which will be of benefit to many!

You are invited to attend!
*  If you miss the live Webinar, watch for a link to be available soon on  www.ccmag.com

This Webinar is #1 in a series,
taking a look inside different companies
providing a product or service
to churches and ministries.

This Webinar will take a look at Logos Management Software.

How and why they started?

What makes them unique?

Who uses their services?

Steve Hewitt will be leading the presentation
with Tony Ferraro, Chief Visionary Officer
from Logos Management Software.

A look inside Logos CMS

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT

Space is limited.
Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

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Sunday Morning Christians

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Acting One Way at Church, and Another at Home

I’m quite sure everyone knows at least one person
who does something along these lines.
Like they curse at home, but don’t curse in the church.
They go partying every Saturday night, get drunk,
and manage to get up Sunday morning and make it to church.
They will fight with people as long as
they think they can get their way,
but smile at those same people on Sunday.
They can mess with every guy or girl in town,
but on Sunday they’re jumping up and down
thinking everyone don’t know what they truly do.
Believe me, I’ve seen it all.

Have you ever felt like people act differently
toward you at church than outside of church?

Do you think you've been guilty of this?

What can we do to be consistently projecting the love of Christ?

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Soul Ties

Friday, July 09, 2010

by Preston Perry and Itohan Omolere
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Thursday, July 08, 2010

 "JOY never denies
the sadness,
but transforms it
to a fertile soil
for MORE JOY."

~  Henri Nouwen
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Are You Carrying a Dead Guy Around?

"Who will rescue me from this body of death?"
  ~  Romans 7:24

In New Testament times, capital punishment was sometimes carried out by tying a murder victim's body directly onto the perpetrator's back. Wherever he went he was literally weighed down by his crime, with no way to escape the stench of decomposing flesh. Eventually the bacteria-filled corpse infected him too, and he died an agonizing death.

Some days Paul felt the weight of his old nature pressing in, reminding him of things from his past that he couldn't change or eradicate (along with his struggle over habit sins). And recognizing how past events can color the present, Paul describes himself as 'a wretched man,' and asks, 'Who will rescue me from this body of death?'

The fact is, you can't move ahead with
'the old man' still clinging to you;
you must bury him.

(c)  Julie Ferwerda ~ Inspirational Christian speaker, writer and author
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"He Is"

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

"He Is" ~ Aaron and Jeoffrey

A song about the Bible that sums up God's Word
for each book of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation

Special thanks to Pat and Patti for sharing this song with me!
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Ignite Your Life Summer Teleseminar Series

Has The Light Dimmed In Your Life?

•Your life feels empty and void

•You feel like you live for everyone else,
but yourself

•You are seeking a change,
but feel as if God has nothing for you

•You are in the midst of emotional turmoil
and you can’t figure out how to get your emotions under control

•You are in the midst of a storm and you can’t quite figure out
how God will bring you through it

•You just want something more or different
Then it is time to ignite the flames in your life with Biblical living principles!

 Ignite Your Life Summer Teleseminar Series

Every Thursday
* starting July 8th for 7 weeks

9pm EST/8pm CST/6:00pm PST

Here is a week-by week synopsis:

Week 1: Building Christ-Esteem – In the very first session of the Ignite Your Life we will cover ways to build esteem that is not conceited but spiritually driven with Christ at the helm. Confidence is important when you are living for Christ and more forward with your God-given purpose in life.

Week 2: Negative Meltdown – This week is all about dealing with the things we say to ourself or that we allow others to say that are counter-productive to our existence. When we think negative or allow negativity to become a part of your daily environment we miss out the fullness of abundant living.

Week 3: A Christ Conscious Lifestyle – This very important week will cover how to develop and maintain a Christ Conscious lifestyle. A Christ conscious lifestyle removes the worldly lifestyle and replaces it with things that are seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

Week 4: A Truly Authentic View of You – Who else knows you better than God. This week we will get a closer look at Psalm 139 and other scriptures to help you discover the unique being God created you to be.

Week 5: Emotional Warfare – This week we are going to fight the enemy and learn how to become emotionally healthy. Satan knows that as long as we are emotional off balanced we are not going to be able to properly fulfill the call on our lives. Together we will work on getting you one the road to emotional health!

Week 6: Body Divine – Just what does God expect of us from a physical standpoint? How important is our body to God? What do we do to our bodies to dishonor God. We will cover these questions and more as you learn about the importance of a body that honors God.

Week 7: A Complete View – This week you will create your map based on what you have learned about yourself during the Ignite Your Life Summer Teleseminar Series.
It Is All About GOD
And How By Using A Few
Practical Biblical Living Keys
You Can Ignite Your Life!
Are you ready to ignite your life with God?
(c)  LaTara Ham-Ying - Biblical Lifestyle Coach 
Life & Business Integration with LaTara Ham-Ying:  Whole Life Mentoring for a Better Business
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